Hair tips for spring weddings!

Spring wedding hairstyles

Weddings are the most precious moment in a girl’s life, and as we all know if the bride has something going out of place, she could bring the house down. Every bride wants herself to look the best and why not look like the angel that you are. The hair is the one thing that does not stay in place. For a woman handling their hair and having the best hair, be it quality or style is highly important. The spring season has winds too, and keeping the hair in the best condition could be slightly harder than you think. Luckily there are hairstyles best suited for the spring and you need not worry. It is your bridal beauty that will be revealed bright and glowing as it expected. The hairstyles for spring would give you a gleaming and attractive look so gently you would not believe your own eyes. Take a look at what you could get done to get that perfect hair.

1. Naturally beautiful

The worst thing a bride can do with her hair during spring is experimenting and leaving the natural look far behind. Instead leave your hair as it is in the natural way. Do not try to straighten your hair if it is curly and vice versa. The spring season takes away all the moisture and nourishment from your hair; so it’s better to leave your hair the way it is. Trying different ranges of products and hairdo is also not advisable.

2. Proper hair conditioning

Just shampooing your hair is not enough. Along with the shampoo you also need conditioning. The shampoo would just clean your hair off dirt but would not moisturize your hair. During spring time, it is very important to keep your hair smooth to prevent harsh wind to make it dry and only conditioner would tone it up and restore hair’s lost moisture.

3. Light strokes to dry your hair

Rubbing your hair harsh to quickly dry it causes more hairfall. Rather you should pat dry your tresses and stroke it lightly so that your hair looks fuller and becomes less prone to fall. Rubbing the hair increases the chances of hair splintering. Before your wedding day when you wash your hair, you should softly dry it to pull excess moisture out of the hair so that it does not cause any frizziness.

4. Serum for that shine

A serum repairs the damaged hair from the roots and it’s application nourishes the hair like nothing. Applying it to the damp hair works well as it provides adequate moisture. Don’t forget to use it before you blow-dry your hair. It is also a kind of dryness care conditioner.

5. Coolness for your cascading hair

Do not heat up the blow dryer too much that your hair heats up damaging the scalp and opening the pores. Fix your hair dryer for a cool setting post blow-dry so that the pores get sealed. It’s not recommended to leave the hair cuticles open. The open pores attracts and absorbs more dirt and grime. The cold air process will relieve the hair of attracting particles and dust.

6. More serum for rich moisture

Now after carefully and cautiously drying your hair, it requires a second layering of a serum. Another layer shields your hair of natural curling or dryness of your hair. It will leave your hair silky and shining to make it appealing for your grand day. You can achieve a fuss-free look adding generous amounts of serum to your hair.

Following these tips during spring time would make you look awesome on your wedding day. You can enjoy the cool wind without being bothered about your hair getting dried or frizzy.

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