Most popular metals for engagement rings

An engagement is the stepping stone to a happy married life for both men and women. Everyone wants to fill this occasion with abounding glory and happiness that even the minute details will be taken into great consideration, so that the ceremony is called a memorable incident. A great issue that arises at the time of the engagement is the engagement ring. When buying your wife-to-be this jewelry, you must remember she will always have high hopes. Your engagement ring should be something that would make her faint at first sight, plus it should be something she would generously take care of. It has gained so much importance in almost all the religions that no one is ready to do any compromise on it. It is very essential for the bride and groom to decide on the right engagement ring. Here are six most popular metals with which engagement rings are preferred worldwide.

1. Platinum

Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum is the most favorite and rare material for making engagement rings. Innumerable platinum jewelry shops are gaining momentum these days. It is a natural metal, white in color. Platinum is known for its strength and purity- platinum is 95% pure online any other metals used for making engagement rings. A great advantage of platinum is that it is durable- the diamonds or other precious stoned crafted in the ring will be protected by the metal. Due to its purity, it causes no allergy or irritation in the body. Some people may be allergic to certain metals, but platinum is the only pure and hypoallergenic metal found. It is to be noted that like any other metal, platinum may also scratch, but the good news is that it loses very little metal compared to others. Platinum has the capacity to withstand several years of usage. Another great advantage of platinum is that its purity prevents any tint on the center stone.

2. Yellow Gold or White Gold

Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Yellow gold has the capacity to combine itself with any other metal. It is 70-75% pure. When rhodium is plated onto the yellow gold, it become white gold. One problem with it is that it wears away in times course, causing it to return to its original color- yellow gold. People usually use yellow gold or white gold, or a combination of both, which is even more elegant. Since gold is not a rare metal, it is widely available in almost every where and it is not as expensive as platinum. Another great reason why one may choose gold is that it can be coated with any alloy. This allows people to personalize their ring by giving it the hue of their desire- yellow, white, green, pink, etc.

3. Palladium

Palladium looks almost like silver. It is a shining lustrous metal. Palladium is also used as an alloy for coating on white gold. There are a few similarities between palladium and platinum. Just like platinum, palladium will not tarnish or become discolored. Palladium is flexible. Just like platinum, this metal also doesn’t cause any kind of allergy or irritation in the skin. Unlike platinum, palladium is not expensive; its density is low as compared to other metals. Though it has a darker tone than platinum, it can be used as a substitute to it.

4. Rose Gold

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose Gold is the third most favorite metal for engagement rings. It is a metal tinted with pink and combined with copper alloy. The color of the ring can be changed accordingly. The more Copper alloy is added to the metal, the more rosy color it gets. These engagement rings should not be taken as mere metals. They have deep inlying meaning in them. White gold represents friendship, yellow gold represents fidelity and rose gold represents love- the most important aspect of any relationship. One reason for chasing rose gold is that it is much durable, as it is in the case of platinum. Another wonderful reason is that, unlike other metals, rose gold suits any skin color- fair, wheatish, or dark; it has a pleasing look.

5. Titanium

Titanium engagement ring

Titanium, is rather heavy and sturdy. It is almost grey in color. The best thing about titanium is that it can be polished black, but black color is not preferred on occasions like engagement and wedding. But otherwise, black could look elegant with a small diamond at its center. Titanium is usually preferred for men’s engagement/ wedding rings due to its tough name and tone. It is perfect for those men who do not normally wear jewelry. Just like platinum and palladium, titanium is also anti-allergic. It also doesn’t become corrosive. Though titanium is as strong as steel, it is very light- weight. It only weights as much as aluminum does.

6. Recycled metals

Recycled metal engagement ring

Recycled metals could be a mixture of many metals like platinum, gold, etc. There is no particular color for recycled metal. The colors may vary. The finished product takes the color of the dominant metal. If it is gold, which is the dominant metal, the recycled metal may be of golden color and hence forth. Nature lovers and environmentalists would prefer recycled metal because it is always good to consider for the environment. Diamonds or other precious stones can be attached to the metal, giving it an elegant look. The old-and-new-rolled-into-one is a perfect ring in itself.

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