A couple of pointers to help you to be a great wedding guest!

Wedding guest

Wedding guests are often considered a responsibility when attending a wedding. It is up to both parties to be able to work things out and have a good wedding go by. There are responsibilities the bride, the groom and the guests have to keep in mind and follow. You do not want to be the guest who created a nuisance at the wedding for sure. Read on and know how to be perfect wedding guests which causing your share of chaos. If you are the friend who has come along with an outsider guest it would be inappropriate for you to cause any issues as it might be embarrassing to the one you should up with and the couple who’s wedding you may be attending.

1. The invitation

Every wedding begins with distributing invitations. If you are been called up to witness someone’s most auspicious day of his/her life, you are definitely one lucky fellow. Therefore, do not let the invitation card go unnoticed. Read the date carefully, match up with your schedule and then decide whether to skip or not. When decided, return your response cards on time clarifying either you are attending the ceremony or not. How your response should go entirely depends on the relation you share with the couples. For example, if the one who is getting married is your close friend, be specific with the details else even short, warm regret note will work. Sending the R.S.P.V note on time prompts the couple to outline the final guest list. Remember, once declined leave aside, do not just show up (unless you mean earth to him/her).

Tip: You must know never to be late for your replies, it is highly ill mannered and the couple could have a bad impression. You must understand that when the bride and the groom are going through so much in order to arrange seating, make sure you have pr informed them about the guest you might bring too.

2. The announcement

Usually a wedding ceremony is followed by various associated wedding rituals such as rehearsal dinner and a shower party. In case you are not invited to these small wedding events, rather than dishing and getting emotionally offended by their decision, extend your heartfelt congratulations with some exquisite gifts to them. Do not feel compelled to send a gift, if you are not a close friend.

Tip: You must know not to make hasty decision and that it is not about you. You should know that there is always a good reason for not being invited to wedding or other ceremony’s despite the friendship and announcement made. You should still be courteous to congratulate the couple.

3. Sending gifts

Choose the gift that carries importance within. Something that is worth remembering, like a sailing trip. It is certainly unobvious and unexpected for any newlywed couple. However, make sure to check the bridal registry and choose the best gift ideas from something your friend is asking for. Send gifts to couples even if you cannot personally attend the ceremony. Just because you shot down the ceremony at last minute because of your own personal issues, it does not mean that you cannot send gifts. Even if you cannot make the wedding, send a congratulatory note and maybe, if available, celebrate their wedding with them sometime later. And yes, rather lugging the gifts along with you when attending the wedding, it would make a smart decision to send gifts prior to the actual ceremony.

Tip: It is not always necessary that guests much provide gifts at any costs. A hearty congrats and a cheque from your side would do too. If your confused then it is always better to give money and let the bride and groom do the rest. Do not take a gift which would have you standing like a fool.

4. Dressing for the ceremony

Do not dress like you are not interested. Your dressing sense and fashion says a lot about your interest in the wedding. If you come in boring makeup and inappropriate dress, it will not take long for the couple to extract your mood. Therefore, dress according to the season and hour of the wedding. For instance, if wedding is during daytime, you cannot show up in the evening gown (for women) and dark colored tuxedo (for men), likewise if ceremony is conducted somewhere at the religious site, wearing over-revealing clothes or shoulder-bare dress will not fit the occasion.

Tip: If there is an attire which is spelt out, please make sure you follow it or you might end up being the laughing stock. If there is no specific attire mention then you should still be able to tell the difference between casual wear and formal wear. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So make sure you dress properly, ask around if you have to.

5. Arriving on time

While most of us misinterpret wedding ceremony with any usual party where being late is fashionable, you do not make the same mistake. So, make sure you arrive on time or even early if you are a key player in bride’s or groom’s wedding. What difference would it make between you and his/her neighbor, if you too arrive at the same time when the neighbors made their entry? Whether you are supposed to participate in religious rituals or not, be generous and follow the lead of their family members.

Tip: You are the guests which means for obvious reason that you cannot choose to be fashionably late. A specific time is sure to be mention, you cannot choose to go when you like. It is highly annoying for the bride and the groom when the ceremony is suddenly interrupted by a loud noise.

6. The reception

When arrived at the venue, the first and foremost thing is to extend your congratulations to the couple and shower some compliments and wishes for their coming future. However, do not stay too long in the line, simply say congrats and give a huge hug accompanied by lovely kisses and let others have their moment with the couple as well. After the ties knot up, take your weeding meal and drinks and have a little dance with the couple and participate in catching the bouquet and garter (if lucky enough, it might falls to you). Finally, be sure that you enjoy the wedding and do not go solitary somewhere around the backyard (or wherever the celebration is going on). Weddings actually make real time and is the place to make friends and get acquainted with others.

Tip: Before slipping away the ceremony, intimidate any family member and make sure to say thanks to the couple in person for giving you such an honor. If you feel a bit left out, it is to be understood that the couple has a lot on their plate.

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