Wedding dress measurements tips for brides to be!

Measurements for wedding dress

Wedding are hectic and require acute planning and preparations. To make the wedding day easier, you should have the perfect wedding dress. Apart from the design and semblance, you should also pay attention to getting the right fit. An ill fitting wedding dress will make you look gauche instead of graceful. Always remember to arrange your wedding attire and accessories a week before the actual ‘Big’ day So if you want to make merry and keep away all the wedding woes, get those measurements right first. They will get you enough appreciations and compliments on your auspicious day and will make you feel like one proud bride:

1. Get Help

Firstly, never take your measurements yourself, even if you are custom ordering the dress from a catalogue. Get help from another person to take the measurements and find out the correct size from the chart. Most brides hire a tailor or take help from a boutique consultant. Despite help from the professional, it is best to shop for your bridal wear with a friend or family member you trust. It could be your mother, sister or best friend.

2. Gear Up

For taking the measurements correctly, wear the exact same inner wear you will be wearing on your wedding day. Do not wear shoes while you are being sized up for your lower body measurements. Maintain an upright posture, hold your back straight and keep your body relaxed. The shoes come in handy when you want to measure the length of your dress. Make sure these are the same shoes you will be wearing on your D day.

3. For Good Measure

Note down all the dimensions in centimeters. This is your wedding dress, not your prom gown that you can nip around with if it runs slack in a few places. Round up all the decimal figures you get so that you can breathe easily in the outfit. Also, do not hold the tape measure very tightly.

4. Well fitted torso

For the bust measurement, run the tape around the widest part of the back or chest. Measure just under the bust and between the breasts also. The shoulder length is taken by determining the distance between the arm sockets. The distance between your clavicle bone to the nipple is the shoulder to bust measurement.

5. Upper body proportions

Drape the tape around the widest part of your arms and top of your shoulders. For sizing up the sleeves, keep the tape under the arms and then run it across the shoulders coming back to the point you had started. If the dress has long sleeves, then take note of the length between shoulders to wrist. Also, measure the circumference of the wrist.

6. Waist to hip

To get the waist size right, just bend sideways. This is exactly where you have to place the tape and the point is different from where you usually wear your pants. It is roughly an inch above your belly button. For the next measurement, keep your heels together and wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips.

7. The elegant fall

Also, note down the distance between your clavicle bone to natural waist and from the base of neck to toes wearing your bridal shoes. Then, measure the distance from the natural waist to where the hemline or train will end wearing your bridal shoes. Lastly, just jot down your height by measuring the distance from head to toe.

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