Helpful pointers to write personalized wedding vows

Wedding vows

When it come to getting married, it is quite obvious there a vows which have to be spoken out. Both the husband and wife wait to hear the vows written by each when decided that they are going to be personal. It is a moment long awaited during wedding ceremony, just to see how many tears of joy are revealed. Every guest present love to hear personalized vows. What could be the best thing than to have moment’s cherished written on paper and straight from the heart. There could be no such moment which can truly touch each other’s soul. Even though the idea may seem very romantic at first, you must know that weaving emotions into a string of relevant words that should be comprehensible too can be quite a task. It is important to plan out what you will recite as your wedding vows. Do remember that similes and metaphors can come in handy when expressing your love, provided you use them carefully. Compiled below, are a few tips that can help you out of the situation.

1. The beginning

When you start, start from the very beginning. Talk about how you felt when you first met him, and if the thought crossed your mind that one day you might be exchanging vows with him, a premonition of sorts that might have occurred to you when you first got to know him. Also mention when, for the first time, you realized that you were in love with him. Feel free to add anecdotes leading up to this realization. Surely you cannot be speechless when it comes to talking about each other. There would be a number of things, take your time but do pick the best memories you shared when you first met.

2. Feelings come first

Emphasize on your feelings. You can tell how good you feel now, as compared to the void you felt in life before he came along, and add how being with him has changed you for good or made you a better person. What is that one thing you miss the most about him when the two of you are apart? Why are you going for this marriage? What is it that makes you confident about your future of a happy marriage with him? You must reveal your feelings sincerely and honestly, since this will truly convey to him how wonderful you feel.

3. Anecdotes

Adding anecdotes may help you make your vows interesting and more personal. You can always go over any significant occurrence that brought the two of you closer to each other. If you want, you can also share a private joke to add a wee bit of fun. Everyone loves a bit of humor hear and there. Just make sure neither of you write anything which would cause a scene afterwards and does not embarrass either of you. There are moment’s which you would think is funny but might not be so for your partner.

4. Dreams

Talk about the dreams and aspirations that the two of you have cherished. Something that has furthermore cemented the trust and the love that both of you share can as well be shared with your dear ones present at the ceremony. You might as well talk about what most of the guests might already know at the ceremony, so at least you know you are in safe hands. Nothing could go wring. You could also talk about dreams which have been met by the two of you and have blossomed your relationship.

5. Virtues

You can talk about your partner’s good attributes to make him/her feel all the more special. Compliment the qualities in each other that you have always admired and tried to imbibe in yourself, before you go ahead with reciting the vows. talking about qualities can always help and it always brings a smile to everybody’s face. You could mention traits which are slightly of the hook and give and take a good laugh. Think of an amazing trait which you know nobody else knows about and spill the beans.

6. Be real

Realistic, mundane things can always make things simpler when it comes to exchanging vows. You do not require grand promises but simple resolutions to live each moment together in love and harmony. So take a deep breath and speak your heart, and you shall see how wonderfully everything else falls in place. Just know that being true is everything and this honesty is what got you both together. You must speak straight from the heart and the words would come automatically.

7. Checklist

a. You will have to ensure that your officiant agrees to the recital of personalized vows. Particularly in case of Catholics and Episcopalians, the officiant might insist on the complete or partial recital of the traditional vows.

b. It is very important that you plan out what you want. Ask your fiance whether he would wish to write his own vows, or whether he would prefer reciting the same vows as you. The two of you can then pen down your vows after subsequent discussions and rehearsals. In case you wish to go with different sets of vows, rehearsing before the final day would be a good way to ensure coordination.

c. Framework is important to make the contents fall into a proper structure. You need to ensure that the vows do not seem like a bunch of scattered lines that have just been put together for the sake of being recited.

d. Brevity is the soul of wit and hence, you will need to decide how long your list of vows will be. If it is too long, the audience might get bored and doze off. Moreover, think about the tone of the vows.

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