Steps towards having a perfect bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Tips

Giving your best friend and the bride to be a great bridal shower is the least you could do for her. You must show her that she means a lot to you and in so many ways. Choosing you as bridesmaids is something she had to take no time to decide. You obviously mean a lot to her and it is your time to return the favor. As we all know it is a daytime party in honor of the bride where she receives gifts that either give her a good laugh or help her out in some way or the other. Showering the bride with love and blessings is the main motive of a bridal shower. The basic idea of the bridal shower is to provide goods and financial assistance to ensure a good post wedding life for the bridegroom. Here are a few tips to help you plan a bridal shower.

1. Decide the host and budget

Traditionally, the host of a bridal shower is the maid of honor or a bridesmaid. The bride’s maid and bride sit together to workout the details. Anyone especially the family members and friends can be the host of the party, just consult with the bride, and go ahead. After deciding the host, plan a budget according to his/her pocket. Determining the financial status of the host is necessary, as he is responsible for all the expenses of event. Check how much the shower can cost. If you have limited funds in your kitty, ask others to co-host with you and share in the expenses.

2. Location

While deciding on a location, consider that it should be easy to get and will accommodate all the essential requirements of the party like plenty of parking space as well as comfortable space according to the number of invited guest .If you have a theme, consider the location according to it. You could do it a club or a restaurant or even somebody’s house. It depends on the number of guests being called in.

3. Finalize a theme

The bridal shower theme should reflect the couple. If the shower is for a young couple, forwarding towards their first household setup, you may choose a kitchen or household theme. Cash will be a good choice if the young couple is moving for their honeymoon right after the wedding. Decoration can also range from fresh flowers, candles to something unique, according to your imagination.

3. Suitable date and time

Normally, the bridal shower is organized around eight weeks before the wedding. A weekend will be a good choice to confirm attendance of your guests. If you choose a weekday, try to make the time and day convenient for everyone. A brunch shower is held in late morning and cocktail party in early evening. Try to plan your shower early enough in the day for all who must travel to attend.

4. Guest invite list

Decide if it will be a “girls only” shower or you’re having “couples” also. Ask the bride and groom’s mother for their guest list. Tell them about how many people you’d like for the final guest list. Get addresses, phone numbers, and email lists of the guests from both the sides. Invitations can vary from a casual phone call to formal printed invitations. It depends on the kind of party you are hosting. Regardless of the type and style, the invitations must include all the necessary information about date, time, address, RSVP info, gift theme (if any).

5. Decide on the menu

Your menu should reflect the theme, time of day and the number of guests you’re hosting. The menu should also consider the special dietary needs of the bride, groom and the guests. Normally menus have no limits. So, choose according to the weather, time and the taste.

6. Receiving guests

Receive every guest at the door. Make sure your guests are introduced to each other to enjoy the party together. Check whether all the refreshments and other arrangements are properly working or not. You can also include some games and prizes to make your guests comfortable and to make the occasion memorable.

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