7 Tips to a perfect wedding

Planning a perfect wedding

Wedding is a crucial phase in the lives of men and women, when they prepare their minds for a connubial relationship, committed for a lifetime. To plan a memorable wedding, you need to ensure foolproof planning. A perfect wedding plan requires understanding between the couple. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare a perfect wedding.

1. Prepare yourself for the inevitable bond

Wedlock is a bond which needs commitment. Express your feelings and emotions to your beloved. Clarify things before you decide to settle down with each other. There is a vast difference between dating and living together. Be doubly sure, before you take a call.

2. Be open in writing wedding vows

Writing wedding vows is another very important part of a wedding ceremony. Both the partners are asked to write something about the person they are tying their wedlock with. While you are asked to write your wedding vows, it is advisable, not to be too critical or embarrassing in your attitude. Be a bit humorous, as well as, have warmth in narrating how important it is, for you, to marry the person who will be your life partner.

3. Give equal importance to cultural background

In certain cases, when the person you are marrying, hails from a different culture, country or family background, you need to be very careful about not hurting the sentiments of your partner on any grounds during the ceremony. Rather, it is always appreciable if you could include a fusion of both the cultures in your wedding. This will create an impression to your partner that he or she will have an equal say in your marital life and you are not at all a dominating person.

4. A prior planning is always better

It might be extremely confusing for you to say a word or two, while taking the wedding vows, right on the spot. It might so happen that you plan to say something and it might be interpreted as something different and rather derogatory, which you had not expected. So, a wise way to avoid such a mess is to prepare a speech at least one or two months before the wedding day. Include whatever you wish to say in an elegant way in a rough script, so that, you are at liberty to alter it.

5. Give your extended family due respect

A vital thing that you must always remember is that a marriage is not merely a unison of two individuals. You and your partner’s parents, uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins are getting connected to each other by means of your wedding. So, you need to take care of all these family members too, by attending, greeting and inviting them to participate in some of the most vital ceremonial activities of your wedding. For instance, ask your family members to give a short speech on the occasion, or, request some of them to light the unity candle.

6. Get the feel of the clergymen fixed beforehand

If it is a Christian marriage, then there will be a priest who will be performing the congregation. In case of a Jewish ceremony, the proceedings will be carried on by a ‘Rabbi’. Similarly, an Islamic marriage will have a ‘Maulavi’ to take care of the occasion. So, these men can expect fees or donations for the organization which they represent, in return of their services. Negotiate on this before the wedding ceremony starts and fix it up accordingly, so that, there is no misunderstanding or disappointment during the ceremony.

7. Be happy and positive

In order to make the marriage successful, it is your duty to talk to your family members about your decision. Never expect that your family will always stand by whatever you do. But, it would an added advantage, if you gain the support of your family regarding your wedding. But, whatever you do, you must be confident that your decision is right and that, it does not turn out to be a fiasco in future.

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