Tips to pick the perfect wedding jewelry!

Picking the perfect wedding jewelry

The bridal look is never complete unless the bride has the right make up on and the right jewelry that suits her wedding gown perfectly well. Always remember that wedding jewelry should never be too much. Extra amount of anything always makes you look sheepish. Thus, while shopping for an elegant bridal gown, we must consider the probable jewelries that can make you appear more gorgeous than you already are. Speaking particularly about the Christian wedding, white is the color that has dominated since ages as far as bridal wear is concerned. So, as you shop for the finest white bridal trousseau, you might be confused regarding the style and the type of jewelry that will look perfect with it. The list combined below will give you an idea of the jewelry you can choose to suit your purpose, personality and dress.

1. Go for pearl jewelry

White on white will create a magic in the look of the bride. So, a pair of beautiful pearl ear studs and a chain of pearls around the fair and slender neck of the bride will look elegant. Pearl stands for chastity and dignity. So, some of the most formal and some of the royal weddings vote for pearl jewelry. The ivory white shade looks pure and innocent. But insist on pure pearls instead of artificial ones as the latter will not exhibit the sheen and dignity of the jewelry. In this case also remember, real pearls are quite costly too.

2. Go for diamonds

Women are fond of diamonds. There can be no other occasion more suitable where a woman can flaunt her diamond jewelry. The crystal clear look and the sparkle of the stone add glamor to the appearance of the bride in her white gown. You are free to use diamonds with silver or gold. If you are more experimental, you can even try out rose gold and pearls too, in combination with diamonds. But again, you need to make a budget beforehand while deciding upon diamond jewelry, as they are the costliest stones on earth.

3. Choose ivory jewelry

If you are creative and want to create a style statement with your jewelry, then try out ivory. The light white, cream or the yellowish tint of ivory is expressed best with the color of gold. Your look will express your innovation. Remember that going for ivory could also get you into trouble. You have to know that ivory has been banned in many states. Make sure you know what you are buying and under what circumstances.

4. Insist on dangling earrings than necklace

Another option that is always open for you and is one of the most modern ideas of wedding make up is to substitute your necklace completely with that of your earnings. You might wonder how to do so? Simply opt for great chandelier ear jewelry that will touch your shoulders and even cross it. To balance the chastity of your jewelry with your white bridal gown, choose crystal earrings. The watery look will give you a soft look. You can also use those with a hint of other colors too.

5. Vintage jewelry and fashion

If your gown has a vintage flair, then sport a vintage look with a bunch of fresh flowers or silk flowers to adorn your bridal hairdo. Further, the bracelets, necklace, whatever jewelry that you choose, should also reflect the theme that you selected. Antiques are everybody’s favorite. There is no way vintage does not go with everything. Depending on the metal and how it looks with your dress, it is suggested that you go for it.

6. Sleek and modern jewelry for a smarter look

If you wish to look simple yet stylist on your wedding day, then the option that you can choose for your wedding jewelry must be those that are sleek and modern in design. For your necklace, instead of those heavy ones, go for a slim and sleek pendant with a jeweled choker. A pearl choker will also be a chaste option. If you do not like too much heavy work then this kind of jewelry is the best for you.

7. Sport a combo look

A combo look will also be a great idea to go for on the wedding day. In order to achieve it, you can combine different metals and stones together as your wedding jewelry. Remember, it should match with your white trousseau. If you are wearing a diamond necklace and you have a set of pearl and diamond combined earrings, then mix and match it up.

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