Some Wedding after party etiquette’s you should know!

Wedding after party etiquette

Wedding after party’s are the best part for the guests who come to the wedding. They pretty much expect the reception out of you. You should know that the party being held should be memorable and it is the time you too can relax and enjoy after all the hard work done in bringing the wedding together. It is highly important for you to make the reception meaningful and you should take advantage of this moment to thank all those who should up and showered you and your fiance with gifts and best wishes. The wedding after party is to be look forwarded to and enjoy thoroughly. Combined are some reason as to why the wedding reception is important and what you can do to make it lively.

1. Is an after-party necessary?

Well, let’s say almost! If you’re thinking about whether you really need to give a wedding after-party then the answer is no. But if you don’t, you’ll be remembered as rude host and we’re certain, there’s no reason why you’d want the nasty label attached. You can just make some plans beforehand. And there really aren’t any rules to play by. An after party can best be described as an informal gathering taking the wedding festivities a notch up. Planning an after party may be a good idea especially if you have many guests who’ve traveled from far to attend your wedding. Think of it this way, you’ve spent the reception, greeting and formally thanking family and friends, while an after-party gives you the opportunity to have some meaningful time with those you really care about. It is important to remember, however, that it’s completely your call and you must do what suits you best depending on your schedule for the coming days

2) How should I make it fun?

There are innumerable ways in which you can make your wedding after party fun. Obviously drinking and good snacks are the highlight. What’s a party after all if there’s no music and food to binge on? If you are the spontaneous kind, you needn’t make pre-reservations and just hop into the closest happening spot like a watering hole, a night club or a hotel bar. If your hotel has a pool area that’s rent free, you can even choose to hang out there in a laid back atmosphere. You can bring on some board games to add to the fun or just plan some group games that will keep everyone engaged. Of course nothing can be as fun as gossiping over drinks and food, so making conversation at an after party is the key.

3) How to handle those sloshed?

More often than not, wedding after-parties extend until the wee hours of the morning. And there are high chances that you are going to have a couple of sloshed friends. If you plan to get drunk yourself, remember not to go overboard. It is quite understandable that emotions will be running high, but it is after all about your guests having a memorable time. Unless, you have a well-equipped staff trained to handle the situation, it’s best to keep the alcohol levels low. Also make arrangements for guests you know are likely to get sloshed; at least some estimates will help. Have them driven and accommodated in a nearby hotel where they are looked after.

4) How do I plan the decor and food?

Planning the decor and food needn’t really be an expensive affair. You can have some of your friends taking over and handling responsibilities. Like you can assign the food section to the groomsmen and have the bridesmaids take care of the decor. Most arrangements you used for your wedding reception can be reused. Besides saving on cash, it will also help the wedding theme maintain continuity. The food too needn’t be an elegant affair. You can stick by comfort foods like slices of pizza or croissants and croutons.

5) Can I make it pocket-friendly?

Yes, you can and the best way to do that is carry everything from your wedding reception over to your after party. From leftover wedding cake to unopened bottles of alcohol, have everything travel with you. Refreshments can be served in the form of anything. Munchies and cookies served neatly, small portions of snacks – it all works. It is only obvious that you would have spent much for your wedding and then reception – so the after party needn’t really be grand. Just serve quality and remember that everyone should have a good time.

6) How do I manage invites?

Your after party is meant to be an intimate level interaction, so yes you can leave out people you wouldn’t be comfortable around. For example, your ex-husband/wife or even your spouse’s ex., a nagging aunt and annoying friends who’ve probably attended your wedding simply for the free food and alcohol. The party in no way means that everyone attending your wedding has to attend the after party too. If you wish to include only a specific group of friends, you can always politely inform family members about it. Typically your wedding after party must include only about 25 to 30 percent of your wedding guest list. You can have invites sent over through email or even word of mouth. If you must you can also leave them a text message.

7) When do I wrap up the party?

So everyone’s having a great time including you, but really, when do you call it a wrap? You and your spouse are the only two people who can best answer this question. It’s evident you are going to be very tired and need enough rest now that the wedding is over. You mustn’t feel shy of saying goodbye when you feel like you’ve had enough even if it’s been only an hour. You can leave the guests to enjoy until they please and they too will disperse off eventually.

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