A Grooms Guide to reading the matrimonial columns.

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Looking for a prospective mate is getting tougher by the day. Finding a partner is not a problem. Finding the right one is. There are quite a few options now from agencies to websites to turbo dating and so on.

Some of us still depend on the good old matrimonial columns. Here is a quick guide to reading between the lines and avoiding disappointment later on.

Innocently divorced means that she did not know what hit her. She is still in a daze and has a lot of baggage.

The girl is healthy. This means she is obese and you better train yourself to deal with all the real estate.

If advertisements mention a minimum amount of salary required ,you know that they are below the poverty line and want to erase it with somebody else’s erasure.

When property and businesses are mentioned you are pretty sure to get your throat slit if there are any disputes because we all have seen a lot of movies with psycho landlords in it.

Caste No bar rarely means that they are open minded. Desparation can lead to a lot of things.

High class status family. This means speaking Hindi is below their dignity. A new cell phone every month. Clothes from Mango only. Foreign destinations for travel. More on page 3’s than your living/bedroom.

I believe there are genuine people out there somewhere. Though they are in the minority.

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