Amazing DIY wedding favors

Marriage is a union of two souls and every couple wants to do it in style with a sense of uniqueness and individuality attached to it. An out of the box idea is just what is required to make the D-day extraordinary in more than one ways. A wedding favor might just be able to provide newlyweds that pleasurable tinge to the ceremony. Puzzled as to what could be appropriate as a wedding favor on your special day? Read on for the Amazing DIY wedding favors that you can make on your own!

Variety of candies wrapped in boxes wedding favor

An assortment of only one of its kind candies with vibrant hues packages in transparent rectangular shaped boxes enfolded in lucid paper would be a splendid choice. It would make for a classy wedding favor. The wrapping is beautifully done and pleases one and all. The treats are arranged in acetate boxes with translucent paper covering them. Ribbons are entwined around the boxes with the perfect bow making it look all the more lovely. It is pleasing to both the eyes and the taste buds. Available in different flavours as Lavender rock candy, crystallized ginger, champagne gumdrops and gummy peaches

Cupcakes in a Jar wedding favor

A wedding without the wedding cake is unimaginable. Why not give guests a little something before the grand wedding cake is cut by the happy couple? Cupcakes in a jar definitely redefines the concept of a pie in a jar. This is a beautiful concept. This includes custom-made jars with specially chosen cupcakes by the couple to celebrate their togetherness with all invited. The favour looks petite and brings a smile to everyone’s faces. This unique idea adds the correct touch sweetness to the celebration.

Twig colored pencils eco friendly wedding favor

This is another out of the box idea which is perfect for the couple who cares enough for the environment and would love to add that rustic sort of touch to their wedding. These nature exacted pencils found in various colors are both eco friendly and novel and will etch its utility in minds of all present. This is the perfect way to commemorate the spectacular day and letting nature be a part of it. It shows the harmony which is symbolic of the balance that is to exist in a marriage. These twig pencils have been carved and are fun as well as useful.

Honey and granola wedding favor

Another interesting wedding favor is the combination of honey and granola. This can be kept in jars and can be wrapped with plain muslin cloth. The whole thing could be stored in a box which in turn could be aesthetically decorated. There can also be additions in it such as honey dippers. This would seem like a nice delight and could make for an exclusive wedding favour. The couple could make it more interesting with the jars and packaging to suit the theme of the wedding.

Embossed glassine sleeves with chocolate hearts wedding favor

What is better than chocolate to celebrate romance? Even better when it is heart shaped. The wedding can always become slightly more enigmatic. This is a perfect wedding favor. Embossed Glassine sleeves with lovely treats inside makes one’s heart leap with joy and excitement. The design is exquisite and it can also have a personal message wishing the happy couple. This is another elegant idea for a wedding favour.

Custom scented candle wedding favor

This wedding favor could very well be the flavour of the season. The fragrance of these custom made scented candles exhibits the bouquet of emotions the marriage has to bring in the newlywed couple’s lives. These can be carefully selected by the couple so as to coincide with the overall essence of the wedding. The couple can decide upon the colour and presentation as this would be a manifestation of the gratitude. This wedding favor signifies splendidly how the couple has their ideas in sync and this could prove nothing but a happy married life.

Seashell soy candles from the microwave wedding favor

Another appealing idea of a wedding favor is the sea shell soy candles from the microwave. It not just is brilliant to look at but also is the perfect one for the couple who wants to make personal contributions to the wedding and not just monetarily. This includes making of the candles and setting of the wick, personally adding that extra tinge of personality to the wedding favor. These candles are set in delicately chosen sea shells and soy wax pre-melted in a microwave is set in these shells along with the wicks or the metal wick holder. After letting it cool off, the sea shell can be decorated intricately with ribbons and laces. This symbolizes the grace of the bride and the support provided by the groom. This wedding favour can also have a nice packing of soft fishnet material and can be monogrammed by the initials of the couple making it both personal and tantalizing.

Golf themed wedding favor

Themed wedding is the flavour of the season. Golf themed wedding on lush green lawns and a magnificent setting with just the correct amount of casualness is incomplete without a wedding favor to go along. This wedding favor requires small jewellery boxes, golf balls, golf tees, moss and some wonderful ideas to complete the souvenir. The names of the bride and the groom can be written interestingly on a decorative piece of paper. This paper should be made the exact size for it to be pasted on the top of the box. A ribbon needs to be attached at the bottom of the box. The golf balls can be coloured to make them look fun by using dye bath. The box has to be then filled moss and the golf ball can be placed on the golf Tess. This wedding favor brings a breath of fresh air.

Porcelain ornaments wedding favor

This wedding favor can be kept through the sands of time and remind the couple of some loving years gone by and promising ones to come. This one requires porcelain blank ornament, embossing powder, metallic ink, rubber stamp, porcelain paint pen, ribbon and spray matte sealer. A well-designed pattern can be achieved through the use of the rubber stamp, metallic embossing powder and a heat gun. Then a message needs to be added to the back of the ornament, after which it needs to be given rest for 24 hours or more. The ornament after 24 hours has to be sprayed with matte-finish sealer to provide permanence. A tag or a ribbon can be attached to beautify it further. This makes a pretty wedding favor.

Charmed ‘Thank You Card’ and wine stopper

Since time immemorial Mirth has signified jubilation. This wedding favor takes that as a cue along with showing immense amount of gratitude. It requires 4” x 6” folded cards, 3” x 5” flat cards, ribbon, a pewter charm significant to the couple, hole punch and glue. The smaller card needs to have the initials of the couple printed and has to be attached to the larger folded card along with the ribbon and the pewter charm. The card may also explain the importance of the charm. As for the wine stopper, a decorative drawer pull and a wine cork needs to be attached with the help of a screwdriver, hole punch and oval punch and craft drill to each other to make it look like a wine stopper. It can be decorated with ribbons, and monogrammed with the initials of the happy couple. This favor is one of its kinds and looks classy.

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