Antique Wedding Rings: 10 Most Beautiful

In the olden times, craftsmanship was the main deciding factor that helped grade jewelry and till date such designs command high value. Antique rings, designed delicately and intricately are rather beautiful and commanding. They embody grace, charm, and richness. Young couples fancy them and think antique design rings are perfect for expressing the uniqueness of their love. The twists and turns in the design, and the engravings along with the solidarity make them timeless and adorable. So, if your wedding is just around the corner, we will help you select the perfect ring for your beloved. Take a look at the following 10 most beautiful antique rings.

1. 14k White Gold Vintage Style Semi-Mount Diamond Wedding Ring
BRAND : Jewelry Days

If you are ready to take the big leap and all set for a wedding, you must present her an unforgettable ring that stays with her for a life time. The vintage style semi-mount setting of the ring is surrounded by a beautifully carved out design, with numerous swirls, and curls. The mount holds a brilliant cut round diamond adorning the center, encased in a 14k white gold body. The weight of the diamond used is 0.10 ct, with HI clarity.


The ultra feminine antique ring, with its twirls and curls, is the ultimate present for your beloved on your wedding day.

The ring can be resized to any size to suit your finger without distorting the design.
The ring is securely packed in a beautiful jewelry box, ready to be gifted.

2. Princess Rich Pink Tourmaline Diamonds Wedding Ring
BRAND : Bell Jewels
PRICE : USD 1095

A pink antique beauty, this ring is definitely class apart. Its center is set with a natural AAA tourmaline and is accented with tiny white diamonds that cover the entire surface of the ring band. The band that you will get with the ring too is fully covered with diamonds. All these beautiful diamonds have a total weight of 2.00 ct and are studded inside a 14k white gold frame with a weight of 8.4 grams.


The pink and silver antique beauty has a marvelous silhouette.

The ring is available in numerous sizes including ½ and ¼ sizes. It could further be resized for free if required.
The rich luster of the ring will not fade away for years.

3. 14 k white gold Antique Marquise Black Onyx Wedding ring
BRAND : Jewelry Days
PRICE : USD 2159

This antique style inspired wedding ring has an amazing black and white silhouette. A beautiful onyx measuring 13.5 by 7.5mm, adorns the center of the ring and its fine texture adds more finesse to its overall looks. The onyx is further topped with a prong set marquise cut diamond with a weight of 0.50 ct. The band of the ring has been prong set with tiny diamonds that line the shoulder making it sparkle more beautifully.


The ring sparkles brilliantly and its antique style adds more intrigue to its overall design.

There are no diamonds on the back side of the ring, keeping your finger comfortable all the time.
The ring is beautifully packed in an attractive ring case, ready to gift.
It could be resized to fit your finger. The resizing does not effect the design of the ring.

4. “Bezel Sunrise” Art Deco Bezel Set Oval cut Diamond Wedding ring
BRAND : Shiree Odiz
PRICE : USD 2125

The beautiful design of the antique style ring embodies an incomparable neat cut design. The bezel set oval cut diamond ring gives you choice of having a center stone ranging between 0.75 to 1.00 ct. The band of the ring is adorned with tiny diamonds weighing 0.40 ct, all along the shoulder. The oval cut diamond used in the center is a naturally mined diamond whose clarity has been improved to enhance its shine.


The classy antique ring has been beautifully bezel set with an oval cut diamond in the center with an added spark refracting from the tiny diamonds that surround it.

You will get the ring neatly packed in a beautiful wooden jewelry box with a shiny polish finish.
The ring comes along with a detailed appraisal certificate, authenticating all details about its quality.

5. The “Tudor Crown” Square Radiant Cut Antique Diamond Wedding Ring
BRAND : Shiree Odiz
PRICE : USD 2050

The sleek and beautiful antique design ring crafted from 14 k white gold is set with a radiant cut diamond in four prongs setting at the center. The shoulders of the ring band are tapered at the center and accented with smaller diamonds weighing 0.40 ct. The stone in the center is naturally mined and its clarity has been enhanced for a better shine. The approximate weight of the gold used is 5 grams.


The smooth and sparkling finish of the ring and the beautiful tapered antique design make it perfect for expressing the value your beloved holds in your life.

The rounded edges of the ring ensure a comfort fit.
The ring could be resized with no additional charges.
It comes along with a detailed appraisal certificate that ensures the quality standards of the stones.

6. Art Deco engraved Scrolls ¾ Carat Diamond wedding ring in 18 k Yellow gold
BRAND : Antique Jewelry Mall
PRICE : USD 2775

The first look at the ring and you will know about its ancient and antique descent. The ornately detailed diamond set wedding ring has a round brilliant cut diamond crafted in 18k yellow gold and the prongs in the center are crafted form 18k white gold. This makes an interesting contrast. The scroll pattern on all the 3 outward sides is bordered with light scattering milgrain edging. The shoulders are adorned with smaller diamonds that add a sparkle to the white and yellow shimmering ring frame.


This gorgeous antique wedding ring has an out of the box design, with silver prongs springing from a diamond studded golden yellow base.

The ring will be resized to fit your finger. Resizing will not distort the engraving.
The ring is packed in an attractive jewelry box, ready to gift.

7. 14k White Gold Antique inspired Emerald cut black onyx wedding ring
BRAND : Jewelry Days
PRICE : USD 1929

This art deco style antique design ring by Jewelry Days will surely make your beloved feel special about her presence in your life. Its center is set with deep black elegance in onyx, which has an icy fire that sparkles around the center with the 0.60 carat diamond. Also, all along the shoulders of the engagement ring are small diamonds that have been prong set and they further add more spark to the 14k white gold ring frame.


The ring embodies an extraordinary design that is antique in outlook and at the same time modern in appeal.

The ring will be resized to fit your finger. The resizing will not distort the design.
The ring is neatly packed in a ring case with a satin ribbon tied in a knot at the top.

8. Antique Wedding Ring with Heart and Leaf Design
BRAND : WeddingRings
PRICE : USD 839.45

Vintage jewelry has timelessness about it and never goes out of fashion. This unique style antique ring features an intricate pattern engraved on its golden surface with a hearts and leaves design. The ring in the picture has a two tone version, with a 14k white and yellow gold frame, but you have the choice to order it in a single color gold frame and also in platinum frame. The width of the ring is 8.5mm.


An ancient pattern deeply engraved in a golden ring frame, outlined with silver lining, looks not only gorgeous, but also rich in every aspect.

The ring is available in various versions, a completely white gold ring, a completely yellow gold version, a two tone gold version and also a platinum version.
The ring will be resized to fit your finger.

9. Antique Floral pattern diamond Wedding ring in 14k white or yellow gold
BRAND : WeddingRings
PRICE : USD 1461.36

Ancient designs are marked with intricacies that are difficult to replicate in the modern times, but this ring still embodies the charm and the beauty of such a style. Sixty seven small round SI1-2/H-I diamonds, weighing half a carat are beautifully set in 14k white or yellow gold frame. The board band of the ring features a delicate migraine pattern that has been engraved with rows of diamonds to form a floral design.


A broad central band flanked with gorgeous diamond flowers shows the quality of craftsmanship that has gone in for crafting this beautiful wedding ring.

The engravings are present only on the top half of the ring, giving it a comfortable fit.
The edges of the ring have been rounded to provide a comfortable fit.

10. 14k Pink Gold Floral Wedding ring
BRAND : Firenze Jewels
PRICE : USD 1230

The first look at the ring and you will be reminded of the crowns that defined the glory of Queens and Princesses. The only difference is that this piece of jewel will crown your finger and not your head. It features a 14k pink gold frame with antique caviar beading accented with tiny round 0.15 F/VS2 carat diamonds.


The delicate floral design of the ring is topped with tiny diamonds that beautifully reflect specs of brilliant sparkle.

The resizing of the ring will not affect the design and is resizable to most fit most fingers.
The ring comes packed in an attractive ring case, wrapped around with a satin ribbon.

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