Asian Wedding favors with a difference

If you are planning to get some candle favors for the bridal shower, just drop the idea. They are the most common picks of every couple.

Try something else: say, go for thematic favors. I would suggest you to choose the Asian favors: not because they are very much elegant in style and have an ethereal touch to it.

Most of the Asian favors mostly symbolize very significant meanings that people in Asia believe and follow by heart.

The pictures for you:
wedding favors v1

Custom fortune cookies ~ a taste of good fortune
Price: $1.65 each

wedding favors vv2

Frosted Chinese takeout box candle holders
Price: $7.95 each

wedding favors v3

Personalized engraved chopsticks
$3.75 per pair

wedding favors v4

Kyoto party lanterns

Price: $7.95 each

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