Attend More Than One Marriage in a Day, Hassle Free

Marriages always take place after a lot of consultation, deciding on venues and auspicious days as well as holidays. It is hardly surprising that many couples get married on the same day.In such a case you might have to attend more than one wedding in a day. Maybe of a dear friend or a relative  and you simply cannot turn down either one. So we advise you how not to miss out on any wedding as well as make the most out of each celebration.


Plan – The wedding invitations arrive a long time before the wedding is supposed to take place. This gives you a lot of time in hand to know when and how many weddings to attend. Plan on how many you want to attend in a single day. If possible, keep your limit to four maximum, UNLESS, you simply cannot say ‘no’ to anyone. If it is a relative and your whole family is invited then you can join them later after attending the other weddings. You will also know the venues beforehand so make a written note as to where to go first, second and so on. Find out the shortest routes and make sure all the venues are on a single route, plot it on the map.

Hire a Cab/Driver – Driving to a lot of venues can be very tiring, especially after attending a wedding. You do not want to attend a wedding as a frumpy tired guest, neither will you be able to take part in any celebrations. Hire a cab or a driver. It is hassle free and will save u a lot of time and effort. Drivers know their way around , with shorter routes and routes where the traffic is lesser. The last thing you’d want is to be stuck in a traffic jam and it has high possibility of occurring because of the high number of weddings taking place during the season.

Wardrobe issues – Attending too many weddings on the same day might risk the chances of you getting pictures clicked with the same dress again and again and later being uploaded on social networking sites, again around the same day. If you want to avoid such a thing, then you can carry spare clothing around, which is not much of a hassle since you will be travelling by a car. You can also change your hairdo, let it down in one event, tie it up in another, etc.

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