How to become the perfect bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is an honor that no girl can refuse. It is probably your best friend’s or sister’s wedding and you want to support her as much as possible. A bridesmaid is supposed to help the bride in feeling confident on her big day and making the pre-wedding jitters go out of the window with merry chatters. It is not just about looking pretty and flirting with the handsome male guests. As a bridesmaid, you have some duties towards the bride. The bride has chosen you to be her last minute confidant for some reasons. She has bestowed her faith in you and you should repay her by being graceful and supportive. In this article, you will find essential tips for being the best bridesmaid and winning the bride’s heart.


Take part in planning the wedding:

Planning the wedding is a tough task because the bride has to take care of every minute detail of the event from the color of the tablecloth to the sitting arrangements. Discuss the plans with her and meet up for a cup of coffee or brunch. This is a great way of showing your support and helping her sort through the messy details of wedding.

Manage small chores:

There are many wedding related chores that the bride may need help with. You can perform these tasks with a smiling face to make her feel relaxed and let her know that she has got you by her side. You should encourage other bridesmaids to join you and lend a hand in decorating the favor baskets and writing the thank you notes.

Give your honest opinion:

The bride might ask your opinion about some of her choices or she may need your help to take some major decisions. Always be honest with her. Do not misguide her by agreeing with everything she says. If you feel that something is not right tell her that but politely.

Know when to speak your mind:

You should be honest and frank with the bride but at the same time you should respect her wish for privacy. Do not interfere in every matter. She may like to get some of the tasks done on her own. Give her space when she wants it.

Help her relax:

This is a big duty of a bridesmaid. You are her friend and confidant. Make her feel good about the wedding, listen to her worries and give her a sound piece of advice. Tell her some crazy jokes and do goofy things to make her laugh. Make sure her mind is relaxed before she takes the vows.

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