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Tate Donovan bids adieu to bachelorhood

Breaking the hearts of many wannabe brides in his lists, the handsome actor Tate Donovan recently hooked himself with his L.A based sweetheart Corinne Kingsbury.

Tate, after courting some of the sexy Hollywood’s including Sandra Bullock and Jennifer…

Wedding bell rings for Laura Parker-Bowles

So folks, are you ready for another lavish affair?? If not, you better be. Coz on the thresh-hold is a big event knockin’ at your door.

Laura, the gorgeous daughter of Camilla, the duchess of Cornwalls’ has got engaged with her longtime lover Harry…

All about wedding blogs: The week in a nutshell!

At Parkavedesigns, you will get some amazing collection of bridal gowns. Don’t miss out.

For a sexy curvaceous bridal gown, you got no better choice than Angeri. Guys, get ready with your credit cards to splash lavishly.

Lass! Don’t you even think…

Carrie D. Maders’ enchanting topaz necklace

Jewelry has always been part and parcel of a woman’s prized possession. A woman is incomplete without her better-half…ornaments. This is of course a fact. Who doesn’t wanna be the one to turn every single head in the crowd? Be it the bride herself, or..

How to woo your would-be hubby?

Get ready ladies…it’s time for you to learn a few widely practiced ideas to woo your future husband. You know what is the best part of the entire thing–you get to propose that special man in your life instead of growing gray strands, waiting for Mr….

Neatly cut gowns to fit your sexy curves

Who doesn’t want the wedding day to be the most glorious occassion of ones life. And for that you need to plan very meticulously what to wear, what should be the dress of the brides-maid look like, th wedding venue, the food and most important is your…

Same-sex couples still lives as an outsider

Most of the Americanos consider the Homo community as outlanders even after so much of fuss about the nations crowd being open minded and ready for any change. Despite she being one of the worlds most advanced country the poor folks are facing hurdles in.

Brooke awaits first cries of second child!

Brookes,past her pre-natal shock, is whining for a child. Well, the lady is in luck. The sexy siren of Hollywood and her husband Chris Hency is all set to bring their second love child to this world. In her public appearance in the glam chat show of…

Survival instincts in today’s marriage

Just by going through the recent count of split in the celebrity world, don’t you think that even you need to have a reality check on your marriage?? The ever expanding ‘WHY…WHY’…can’t there be stability in one’s life??? Maybe, it’s the desperate hubb

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