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Is marriage a thing of past?

In the contemporay world most couples prefers to live-in, without committing themselves for marriage. Marriage is relegated to a remote corner, but why? An entire generation is now all set to live-in, rather than settling down through a legal way. The…

Homosexual dilemma

Recently, a gay man was denied membership in the church by Rev Ed. Johnson, one of the senior pastors at South Hill (Va.). The man in question was an active participant in different choirs at the South Hill church and wanted to transfer his membership…

Flower trends for the season

Flowers are the indispensable part of any marriage. A good floral decoration in your wedding goes down the memory lane. To ensure that you are in sync with the ongoing trends, read this..

1.Make your favorite flower into jewelry. Attach a flower to a..

The wedding cake tale

The wedding cake originally was not as we see it today. It was lots of little wheat cakes that were broken over the Bride’s head to bestow good luck and fertility.

The three tier cake as we see it today is based on the unusual shape of the spire of…

Puzzle and propose!!

Try this puzzled marriage proposal idea…

Get a picture of yourself holding a sign saying : ‘will you marry me?’. Have it enlarged. Paste the enlarged picture on a cardboard and cut the cardboard to make it into many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Gift…

What to look for in a potential husband?

Evaluating a man on the basis of the following mentioned attributes may guide you when looking for a would-be-husband.
It is very important to ensure that your potential man is not afraid to commit to you, doesn’t hesitates in admitting his faults,…

Breaking marriages at Zanzibar

Zanzibar, the Islamic island located in the Indian ocean is facing a major problem these days. The state which is experiencing an increasing number of broken marriages is also becoming a land of homosexuals. The problem has reached alarming proportions…

Missing Mom ‘n’ Dad

All those of us who don’t have the privilege of the presence of our deceased parents on the occasion of our marriage should not lose heart, but rather try to invoke their memories on the very special day.

Although the idea of using the deceased parents..

Wedding insurance cover is a smart idea

Ever thought about a fire engulfed wedding venue?

The very thought can be terribly scary for the enthusiastic bride or groom to be, planning to tie the nuptial knot soon. The concept of event insurance is catching up fast in the arena of weddings…

Have an allergy-free wedding

Who wants to sniff away their wedding day and make it a damp squib?

For all those who live with allergic rhinitis, it is very important to put an extra effort to keep your health problems at bay so that wedding doesn’t tuns into a nightmare. Best is to.

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