Avoiding pre-wedding jitters

In the big run-up to the biggest day of your life, it is possible that you might undergo some cold feet and pre-wedding jitters before tying the knot. These are some tips you can follow to avoid them.


Avoiding pre-wedding jitters

  • Peace of mind – It is obvious that you will feel some butterflies in your stomach because of all the adrenaline running through you before the wedding day. Take deep breaths and avoid all the confusion that adrenaline can induce in your system.


  • Build your support system – Always be around positive people and laugh a little. Friends, family and dear ones can get you through the toughest times. If need be, you can share your doubt and worries with them as well. Staying around people who care for you can make a lot of negative emotions go away.


  • Get plenty of rest – Although it might seem impossible to do so, plenty of rest is a must before your wedding. When you are tensed about things, negatie feelings will only get exaggerated . The preparations are done so do not worry much about them and think of only the good times ahead.

Spa shower

  • Treat yourself – It is your wedding day ! Go all out and splurge on some relaxing spas and beauty salons for pre-wedding pampering. If you do not want to go to a spa, visit your local beauticians or ask help from your bridesmaids and friends. You will feel so much more relaxed after refreshed after you are done with all the pampering. Get face masks, hair masks, massages, sauna, anything you fancy.


  • Delegate work and responsibility – Getting involed in the preparations before the wedding, even if they are last-minute will seriously make you feel more stressed and confused. Always delegate your work to other responsible people you trust on rather than trying to do things by yourself. Get your bridesmaids, groomsmen or any friend you can trust on to do whatever you have to do.


  • Find some time for yourself – Even though you might feel that it is impossible to get away from the crowd, always find some time for yourself. You wedding will be a time when the spotlight is completely on you. But you might feel a bit suffocated at times. Do spend a moment of quiet time alone so that you can get away from all the attention and clear your mind.

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