Things nobody tells you about your wedding

If you are planning to get married very soon and have decided on the date, you have to understand that your wedding is not what you have been dreaming of since childhood. There are a lot of things no one is going to tell you about what will be the most important day of your life.


Things nobody tells you about your wedding

  • Things are not going to be perfect – You must have dreamt of a wedding where you look flawless, the décor is flawless, the ceremony, the cake-cutting everything smooth and flawless. All of us have. What no one is going to tell you is that this is not going to happen. Keep some mettle in store for preparations going awry, the weatherman not being right about it not going to rain, the cake might not get delivered in time and the ring-bearer misplaced the ring. Yes, it has happened before. NEVER lose your cool. Things are never going to be perfect, so just make sure you have the right people around to take care of them. Make your friends, family or relatives pitch in.


  • Love might lessen a bit (or so it might feel), right before the wedding too! – If you are the bride, it is all well and good. You will be stressed but you will find your way out but God bless the groom! Everyone will constantly judge him for not taking part in the wedding decorations and food platters and although you might lose your head over this, try not to. If your man-to-be wants to be involved as much as possible but simply doesn’t know how to, do not despair and just give him odd and important jobs like getting the license. That way, he will feel like he is contributing as well.


  • The budget will go haywire- We are stressing on ‘will’ here. It is a certainty that your carefully planned budget will go for a toss as the wedding day approaches so be prepared not to lose your mind and get stressed over it. Find the people who will take care of this.


  • There are might be no right people – Although we are repeating the phrase ‘the right people’ you might feel that as the wedding day approaches , you are doing everything alone and people just make promises to help and constantly call to ask what is up. Truth is, they might never turn up, until the day of the wedding.

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