Beauty Habits soon to be bride must break

All women want to look beautiful always, and especially when they are nearing their wedding day. A soon to be bride is always careful about their looks and would not let anything spoil their beauty before the big day. However, there are certain beauty habits that can be annoying and can spoil your beauty. Soon to be married women should quit these beauty habits before it gets too late.


Five Bad Beauty Habits Soon to be married women should break

Wrapping wet hair in a towel- This is a surprise as most of us do it. But there are more negative effects of this which none of us have thought of. Wrapping wet hair in a towel after shampooing you hair can be a disaster. Rubbing or wrapping wet hair in towel can tangle your hair and break the hair shaft from its root. The easier solution is that you can gently squeeze the water from your hair through using a cotton cloth and you can remove the knot using a wide tooth comb.

Pricking Pimples- None of us like pimples and it’s quite a nightmare when we get it. What most of us do is that we prick it because it looks ugly and embarrassing. Pricking pimples can have permanent damage on the skin and leave scars on the face leaving your skin scarred. Pimples can also increase due to this and cause more inflammation. The first solution to this is that stop pricking and let the pimples heal naturally. If you have chronic acne, its best to contact a dermatologist.

Using makeup brushes and sponges- All of us like to look pretty and use a lot of makeup on the face. No one realizes that the makeup brushes and sponges we use to apply makeup can be our biggest enemy. It is so because skin oil and germs get trapped in the brushes and sponges. One simple solution to this problem is you can wash or shampoo the brushes and sponges before every use so that you can ensure that they are clean.

Hair Styling- Hair styling can add glamour and shine to the hair on the outside, but hair styling too often or regularly can damage your hair. Hair styling can cause split ends and dry up your hair. The solution is to avoid hair styling too often and leave hair naturally. Its best hair styling is restricted only to big ceremonies.

Sleeping with make up on- Sometimes we are just too tired to freshen up and just go to bed with all make up on thinking of washing it away the next morning. But this can be very dangerous to your skin. Sleeping with make up on can clog your pores which can cause acne and other skin and eye infections.

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