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Best Hindu wedding cards

Hindu wedding cards should reflect the opulence and the culture of an Indian wedding. Highlight the celebratory spirit of the country to let your friends and family know that this will be a wedding not to forego. Hindu wedding invitations have a broad palette of colors to choose from. Rich colors, traditional motifs, and textured papers can craft a perfect Hindu wedding invite. Opt for bright and bold color cards such as red, orange, or yellow. Be sure to stay away from black, as it is not considered a festive color in Hindus.

Moreover, to grace the cover of the invitation, drawing of Hindu deities such as Shiva-Parvati, Ganesh-Laxmi, or Radha-Krishna can be used. Some of the best Hindu wedding cards come in padded wooden boxes draped in luxurious fabrics like organza, silk or taffeta. Another interesting type of Indian wedding invitation is a card that display mehndi or henna design. To make it look more appealing, beads and colorful rhinestones can be added as embellishments.

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