Best ideas for flower girl accessories

A flower girl is a picture of innocence and an important part of a wedding ceremony. She carries an incredible smile with her ,while cautiously walks down the aisle and we can add more charm and elegance to her beatitude by choosing the best attire and accessories for her. Generally, flower girl is a little girl so you have all the responsibilities of dressing her up and make her look perfect. A beautiful flower girl will add a glint of love and affection to the ceremony as she walks around in her formal attire taking herself very seriously. Here are some ideas.

Flowers girls

1. Flower girl looks amazingly cute in lace petticoat so, make some lace details on it by printing on heat transfer paper and then iron it.

2. You can arrange some glower girl wands by wrapping a dowel in the ribbon of various length and some confetti flowers attached to it.

3. Arrange a flower girl basket that is covered with pink or purple roses from outside and place yellow or white flowers in it. These flower baskets adorn their beauty.

4. You can a give a retro touch to her attire as she wears the vintage silk flower wreath.

5. You can give her a princess looks by adding some shoe clips to her shoes with the help of iron-on transfer paper. The fluffy flower design on her shoe will

6. Flower girl will be wearing a heavy dress, difficult to carry, so she cannot always be careful with flowers. Give her some easy-to-make ribbon flower bouquet.

7. A pouch folded from some colorful paper is great idea instead to holding her some big basket. You can also try a paper cone basket. It’s easy to make and inexpensive to your littlest attendant.

8. For a winter wedding ceremony, you can customize her sweater by replacing buttons of it with some sparkling, antique ones in winsome color and different shapes.

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