DIY: How to make homemade vanilla favors

If you are looking for some DIY wedding favor ideas then you have to see this one here for sure. It is one of the best DIY wedding favors ideas that you will find. This is the DIY homemade vanilla extract with the labels. So if you have some extra time to spend and make your wedding preparations even much personalized than expected then take a tiny break and start doing this DIY. For all you our dear ones here is the DIY process.

DIY homemade vanilla favors

Difficulty level: Easy

Time required: 10 minutes (for one bottle)

Things needed:

Things needed

Get all the things that have been mentioned herein:

· Glass bottles

· Small sized Gingham ribbon

· Corks

· Scissors

· Sticker paper

· Homemade vanilla

· X-Acto knife


So this is how you start and end your DIY procedure:

1. The first thing that you must do is to prepare your homemade vanilla extract. It is good if know the recipe and the preparation procedure for the same. But if not then take help from some known who is good at making it.

2. Create vanilla labels with the help of your computer and the printer.

3. With the help of the X-Acto knife cut down the labels in perfect circular shape. You bet they would look so cute.

Step 3

4. Now take the ribbon and wrap it around the glass bottle in ‘X’ shape. Join the ribbon at middle with the help of some tape.

Step 4

5. When you are finished with making the ribbon look nice placed on the glass bottle elegantly then paste the vanilla label to the place where the ribbon intersects.

6. Fill the glass bottles with homemade vanilla extract now.

Step 6

7. Finally cap the moths of the glass bottles with the cork.

8. Repeat with other glass bottles and here are your lovely homemade vanilla favors ready folks!

Step 8

Things to watch out for

· Use a funnel to pour the vanilla extract to the glass bottles.

· Ensure that you cap the glass bottles appropriately so as not get everything spilled.

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