Best tips to be a great guest at a wedding

Though, wedding ceremony is believed to be a function, where people have great fun and talk to their friends and relatives but many people feel socially uncomfortable and end up being a lonely person sitting on a table. Well, if you are a – not so much socially comfortable person and want to enjoy the party to the fullest. You must read on further. We have some great reception rules to follow for the maximum fun time at the wedding.

Wedding guest

1. If you are alone in the wedding ceremony, just try to mix with people around you, especially with like-minded people like you. You just have to find, if there are other singles mixing around or hanging around bar or sitting on the table alone. Don’t wait the other person to respond but simply just go to him/her and strike up a conversation. You can also start by giving a complement or introducing yourself and telling about your relationship with the bride or groom.

2. Weddings are all about having fun talks with your relatives, you might have not seen before and having fun with your old friends (the only son of Aunt Helen, who had gone to Canada to study and you haven’t seen him all these years). Though, it may seem little uncomfortable to talk to people you might have not seen through all these years but it is a part of wedding celebrations.

3. Engage in a conversation with people sitting beside you on the table. You can also start the conversation by introducing yourself to everyone. Bride and groom has assigned the table for a reason so, talk to people by initiating conversation about the occupation or a love interest or a new friend.

4. Expressing gratitude to the people associated with the wedding is another great way, not to be alone in the wedding. Introduce yourself to the families of bride and groom and tell them about your link with the bride or groom. Say thanks for arranging the great reception.

5. Don’t booze so much that you become a laughing stock of people around you. Being a gregarious person does not mean that you should get yourself intoxicated to an extreme level. Have fun at the wedding, eat dance and take part each and every activity in the ceremony.

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