Most important wedding duties for moms

Though, moms are experienced enough to manage the wedding ceremony but knowing about her roles and responsibilities can really get her mentally prepared for the special occasion. From bearing the majority of financial budget of the wedding to the planning of the wedding, mothers can really play a prominent role in a wedding of her beloved son or daughter. We are sharing some ideas about the roles a mother can play in a wedding.

Wedding duties for moms

1. Mom is an experienced woman. She has contacts with many genuine people in her office, friend circle and volunteering cliques, who will always be ready to help her. She must be in-the-know contact with someone at the local floral shop, who loves her enough to give her a discount on floral items.

2. Wedding invitation is certainly a difficult ask for newcomers as they don’t know who actually are in their relations and who should be invited for the wedding. Moms can also help you with names all of your cousins you have not seen through all these years. She can be really helpful when it comes to helping with the names of relatives.

3. Moms are an important part of your family and she is experiences enough to be invited to attend the VIP foodie-fest, where she can help selecting the best food (including cake) for the wedding menu.

4. Gone are the days, when a mom involving in throwing the wedding shower was not considered to be a good etiquette. Today, mothers are highly involving and modern. She can be a part of the bridal shower party with the bridesmaids to through a memorable bridal shower as she is the only person, who knows the bride’s taste better than anyone.

5. I have always disagreed with the opinion that moms cause a lot of stress during the wedding. This scenario has completely changed now and moms can be seen taking tensed brides out for manicure or pedicure, helping in making food menu for the wedding and listening to the bride’s vent without being judgmental.

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