Best wedding favors ideas

Wedding is a very special moment in life and every one of us want to make it as spectacular as we can. So, from wedding dress to wedding favors; everything needs to be beyond perfect. Wedding favors are usually presents that the wife and husband may like to gift to people who are invited to the wedding. Most of the time, couple chooses the reception tables to present the gift. Customary wedding favor ideas include candles, magnets, chocolates and photo frames. This article will help you to get an overview about some best wedding favor idea.

Vegas style weddings favors

If you are willing to give your wedding a new look, Vegas wedding idea is a good option for you. Tiny playing cards, poker chips, celebratory casino chips, gumball slot machines, small cocktail shakers and modified matches are very good ideas which can be gifted by the couple as elegant wedding favor ideas for a Vegas style wedding. Tiny suitcases occupied with candy, gel candle margarita glasses, diamond ring key chains and sets of dice may be the sweet wedding favor ideas in Vegas style wedding.

Personalized candy favor

Personalized candy favor is another good choice as wedding favor . You can gift fashionable containers packed with sweets in rose, butterscotch, and strawberry flavors. These favors can give a dynamic look to your wedding ceremony. You can put Lozenges and jelly beans, Miette, Puffs in the container too.


You can scorch a variability of cookies and give them a different eye-catching looks which are related to the wedding theme like butterflies, hearts, flowers or wedding bells. Cellophane paper can be used to wrap up these cookies. You can then tie them with colorful ribbons. Sticking a tag and writing couple name and marriage date or two words like ‘Thank You’ will be the sweetest idea. These can make high impression to your guests. Freezing the cookies for a long time add some special flavors on it. If you have time on your hand, you can definitely do this. You can gift a cookie cutter to each box too.

Old-Time candy cups

Old-time candy cups are extremely sweet wedding favor ideas, especially for the kids. They will just love to get such gifts attending a wedding. You can convert the baking cups into gorgeous plates teeming with antiquated hard candies. The cups are usually built of hard paper that can support many tiny little gifts. Putting a candy on each cup, you can tie them in colorful cellophane papers. If you can stick a printed tag written your name and thank you, it will be just great to watch.

Seed packets

Seed packets are innovative ways which will inspire guests to go closer to the nature. You can put the couple’s names and wedding date on seed packets. If you are running out of funding and still looking for a wedding favor idea, you just have to buy plain packets and include customized stickers. You can tie the colorful seeds with ribbons and put your name and wedding date on it.

Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle is another wedding favor idea which can give your wedding a unique flame. You just need to purchase small cute bottles and fill them with sand, seashells. If you can leave a thank you message in it, it will be just too good for the guests. Colored sand, pebbles, potpourri, flower petals which suit your wedding them will not be a bad option inside the bottle.

Honey jar favor

Honey jar idea is a great idea as a weeding favor idea. You will have to just buy small jars and fill them with honey. You can add a sticker writing your name and thank you and tie them with fashionable colorful ribbons. Maple syrup can be a replacement of honey inside the jar.

Eco-Friendly totes

Painting totes, wrapped up with a bow, can be used as wedding favors. You can leave a note to impress your guests. This will inspire the guests to use Eco-friendly totes instead of the plastic bags which are really harmful for our nature.

Picture this

It is an innovative wedding favor idea. You just have to select some photos and print them on the light papers. Make them little bit smaller than the chocolate bars and wrap them with colorful ribbons. It will look attractive and glamorous.

Ready, rain or shine

If you are willing to give an outdoor reception, this idea can be an innovative. Your guests will just love to get attractive sunglasses, fashionable umbrellas and shawls in case of sun-shine, rain and breeze.

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