Blue Diamond Engagement Rings: 10 Most Beautiful

The engagement ring creates a moment of excitement and romance.It is said to be a token of marriage. Every couple wants to make this occasion memorable for a lifetime by presenting each other with the most stylish rings available. Among all the metals and stones, blue diamond makes it own place. It offers you with an alluring looks and nicely graces the overall personality of the wearer. Not only women are allured with blue diamond, but even men prefer it too.The blue diamond ring is said to be a dream ring, as it is costlier than other diamonds. There are varieties of blue diamond rings available in the market.To resolve your confusion in selecting the best ring for your beloved, we have compiled a list of 10 most beautiful blue diamond engagement rings. Take a look.

1. 1/10 Carat TW Blue Diamond Twist Ring in 10K White Gold
BRAND : Szul

This ring is surely going to win the heart of the wearer and the entire onlookers in its first glance. The design of this ring is simple, yet too attractive. A smart and beautiful arrangement of eight blue diamonds on the top front offers a captivating looks. The stunning 10k white gold base, compliments the radiant prong set and nicely embraces it to offer you with a durable and smart ring. It is fairly priced to make your day more special.


This beautiful twisted ring features a smart arrangement of eight radiant prong set of blue diamonds on 10k white gold to offer you with a stunning style.

This masterful piece can be used for daily wear.
It features sturdy construction, so there are very less chances of any damage to the ring.

2. 0.28 ct. Blue – SI1 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring (White Gold)
BRAND : Katarina

This is one among those that depicts beauty in simplicity. The round shaped single diamond is perfect for those who do not pair beauty with gaudiness. The 0.28 ct. sparkling diamond is smartly crafted on the prong set of the white gold ring base. It is surly going to decorate your hand with its luster and is perfect for daily wear too.


The ring features a smart embellishment of the single round shaped blue diamond on a 14k white gold base.

The ring offers you with a beautiful design that matches well with your personality.
It is perfect for daily usage and is available in standard sizes.
The sturdy construction adds years to its life.

3. Blue Diamond Men’s Ring in White Gold
BRAND : Szul
PRICE : USD 342.64

Diamonds not only allure women, but men too enjoy the drape of diamonds. They are a symbol of love, class and luxury and who would not want to have this all? This is one of the perfect rings that will add to the masculinity of the wearer and makes the day of the engagement even more special. A nice prong set of ten round diamonds on the 10k white gold ring adds a captivating look to it. The sturdy construction of the ring counts to 5.00 gram weight, ensuring a long life.


This men’s ring features a smart prong set of ten round shaped blue diamonds on 10k white gold base to give an alluring effect to the ring.

It matches well the classy status of the taker and the giver.
It features a sturdy construction and can be used for daily wear.

4. 14K White Gold 1/2 ct. Diamond Engagement Ring with Blue Center Diamond
BRAND : Katarina

This ring comes in the category of the stylish and stunning designs which can immerse your senses with their beauty. This engagement ring features a blue center diamond with side lining of white diamonds. The band of the ring with small white diamonds also offers you with gleaming look. The ring has been beautifully crafted in white gold.


This ring features blue diamond in the center and round brilliant cut diamonds on the sides.

The intricate design of the ring is surely going to catch eyes towards it.
The luster of the ring offers you with a dazzling personality.

5. 14K Yellow Gold Blue Diamond Engagement Ring Size 6
BRAND : Jewels For Me

If you aspire to present your fiancé with a ring which complements and reflects her personality, then this is the perfect ring for you. She will surely cherish your love and this ring for a life time. This is a bold choice for a ring that dazzles your personality with the brilliance of 36 diamonds. A bezel at the top of 14K gold ring nicely embellishes the seven blue round diamonds to create an illusion of one large diamond. The strands of the ring feature a smart design with white diamonds that add luster to the overall looks.


This ring features 7 blue round diamonds and a unique design.

It is crafted in 14 carat gold.
It’s sturdy construction makes it suitable for daily wear.

6. 1 CT. T.W. Enhanced Blue and White Diamond Frame Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold
BRAND : Gordon’s Jewelers
PRICE : USD 1079.1

Surprise your fiancé with this magnificent ring. The design of this ring is surely going to take away the breath of the onlookers. A round blue diamond is placed on the top with white diamonds around it, and the strand offers a dazzling effect to the personality of the wearer. It features a smart 14K white gold construction that nicely compliments the diamonds and makes the day even more special with its looks.


The round blue diamond on the top front, accented with white diamonds on the white gold base, is surely going to offer you with a dazzling personality.

It features a classy, elegant and sophisticated design.
It is available in standard size to give you a proper fit.

7. Fancy Blue Diamond Eternity Ring Band 14k Yellow Gold (1.07ct)
BRAND : Allurez
PRICE : USD 1170

This refreshing and gleaming ring offers you with a unique look and carries your style in a very classy manner. This eternity band features 29 natural fancy blue diamonds engraved nicely on 14kt yellow gold base. The prong setting and the quality is nicely maintained to offer you with the best quality ring that stays for a life time with you. It nicely decorates the hand of the wearer and features an appealing look.


This eternity band features a smart prong setting of 29 fancy blue diamonds on 14kt yellow gold base.

It has a sturdy construction that stays for a lifetime.
It will go well with every type of outfit.

8. 1.00 ct. t.w. Blue and White Diamond Three-Stone Ring In 14kt White Gold
BRAND : Ross Simons
PRICE : USD 1495

This ring features a simple, elegant, yet alluring design that adds a fabulous look on your hand. A smart and gleaming blue diamond is paired with white diamonds on both sides to add more charm to your personality. This white gold ring with sturdy construction is surely going to stay with you for a life time. The two white diamonds on the sides nicely adapts the color of the dress worn, thus it offers you with a smart contrast design.


This white gold ring with gleaming blue diamond is nicely paired with white diamond on both sides to bring a dazzling effect.

It can be worn on a daily basis.
Its sturdy construction makes it a lifetime gift.
This ring makes your day even more special by offering you with lot of compliments.

9. 2 CT. T.W. Enhanced Blue and White Diamond Framed Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold
BRAND : Gordon’s Jewelers
PRICE : USD 4643

This ring offers you with an exceptional looks and carries your personality in a very magnificent manner. It nicely represents your distinctive personality and is surely going to make heads turn towards you. A high quality 14K white gold fashion ring with a glistening brilliant-cut blue diamond offers you with a great style. The blue diamond is nicely accompanied with small shinning white diamonds that add a dazzling effect to your personality.


It features a round cut blue diamond accompanied with small white shimmering diamonds.

The ring features a classy and stylish design.
The high quality of ring makes sure that it lasts for a long time.

10. 1.50 CT Blue & White Diamond Engagement Ring 14K White Gold
BRAND : FineDiamonds9
PRICE : USD 1499

This ring features a captivating design that creates a wow factor. The diamonds are full of fire and the brilliance to allure the onlookers. This wonderful blue and white diamond engagement ring features a blue round diamond mounted on the top and white diamonds on the strand. A smart grip is offered to the blue diamond with white gold base accompanied with white diamond strand.


This engagement ring features a stylish embellishment of blue diamond on the white gold ring with a white diamond strand.

The ring features a sturdy construction and offers you to keep it for a lifetime.
The design is very unique and stylish and thus, makes you feel very special on your blessed occasion.

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