Bridal Shower Favor

Bridal shower favor ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey all, need yer help in deciding about bridal shower favor gifts.   we live in countryside and therefore don’t have much of options to give as shower favor. i have got bored of the kind of gifts people give here as shower favor. no one wants to break away from the monotony of the tradition. but i dun wan dat. can you guys suggest me anything nice and unique to give as shower favor. don’t worry about the theme. we are not planning to abide by the theme rules. it can be anything under the sun as long as its unique. please don’t suggest me anything expensive. we don’t have a very high budget. can i make anything at home which is unique? although i am not very sure if such a gift will look good like the market one. please give me ideas on that too.. thanx..

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