Cheap Thank You Cards

i wanna give cheap thank you cards as wedding favor. infact i would prefer home-made ones. but the thing is i can’t put in too much of time to make them. is anyone of you having any idea about how to make simple cards? that will look good? if yes then please divulge step by step process. i shall be grateful to you for that.
i think one other way to do it wud be to buy some cheap plain cards from the market and den customize them. maybe that will save me the time.

is there any website which sells cheap cards? i would really like the process to be done online because it saves a lot of time. but one thing i am not sure of is any hidden cost these websites charge. i have heard it from a lot of people that websites do that most of the time.. so please refer me any site only if u r sure of it.

a lot of thanks.

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