Bridal Shower Party Favors idea anyone?

okay while this might seem dumb, i seriously need some ideas on bridal shower party favors. i am of the opinion to give edible items for party favor. while i am not sure exactly what to give, i want to give edible items only. what kind of edible items will look good. how about choco-chip cookies? but is there anything which is better? nowadays, customization is in. is there any scope for personalizing such edible items? i think it will be fun to do that. one other thing. i like lots of color put together. something which is colorful and vibrant. i think colors can give u joy and light up ur mood. i wud love it if anyone of u can suggest me anything which has loads of colors in it, like rainbow candies!! but of course, candies can’t be given as shower gifts. that’s y i need ur precious ideas. hoping to see some good suggestions sun.

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