Unity Candle Holders

i have always been in love with royal exclusive unity candle holders. their sheer grandeur speaks of the status itself.. no word of mouth needed. i’ve got an upcoming wedding in my family and i am looking after deco. and there is no way i am forgetting about unity holders. but my knowledge is very limited. and therefore i need more suggestions and ideas. on them. can anyone of you temme wad sort of unity candle holders will go with the theme ‘made in heaven’?? i am not looking for immaculate details here. but a general overview will do. but yes if you can then please tell about the ideal colors too. the table-cloth is light peach in color. and the place card holders and napkins are pure white. the unity candle holders are the only thing left.

i want nice exclusive holders, but incase if they are too too too expensive. i wont mind renting them. for that purpose please tell me about any website which rents them..

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