Bridesmaid Tote Bags

i want to gift tote bags to my sister’s bridesmaids. i think they are the best things to gift because they are extremely useful and handy. plus they come in various shapes and sizes. once i get to know their fav colors, and preferd sizes, i’ll gift them accordingly. but one thing that i wud like to ask is dat what kinds of tote bags look more chic and are robust. i saw a lady carring a jute tote bag a few days back. although it luked very fashionable and cool but m not sure about its durability. do jute bags survive the rough handling? or are they more of a show-piece? please let me know about them. also my preference would be eco-friendly bags.

apart from this, can anyone of u tell me nice tote bags company? or any online shopping portal which sells such bags? i have no price-tag bar.. only quality matters.

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