Wedding Favors Boxes

hey everyone! wassup?

i got some doubts here.. i am going to get married this fall season. everything ready except for favor gifts. its takin me really long to decide on my own. so, i am takin this opportunity to put it in front of u guys. like most of the people, we want to give favor gifts in favor boxes. but instead of the usual traditional ones, are there any other choices for the same? since most of my family members are adamant on givin sweetened almonds (i have got this uber-traditional family! wad to do), i am of the opinion that at least the boxes shud be a bit different than those normal ones..

so my question……. what kind of unique favor boxes can i go for? they need not be big but shud be attractive.   and please suggest anything other than lacy ones! do we have decorative metal boxes in the market too? will they look gud?

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