Cartier wedding rings gleaming with radiance

If you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding ring that could make your life’s most important moment etched in your mind for years, you might love to consider a dazzling Cartier wedding ring. Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier, the renowned French luxury jeweler and watch manufacturer is famous worldwide for its magnificent creations. Cartier has impressed royalty, including Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, with its stunning jewelry pieces. Whether you talk about craftsmanship or the materials, a Cartier wedding ring is sure to leave an impression. Cartier has an amazing bridal collection, which includes engagement rings, wedding bands and custom creations in platinum, white gold and rose gold with high quality diamonds of your choice. Here we have our picks for some of the best Cartier wedding rings you might love to consider for your special day.

Wedding band N4209700

The elegant and classy wedding ring pictured above is the Cartier wedding band style N4209700. This ring is designed in platinum featuring brilliant cut diamonds as well as princess cut diamonds engraved stylishly on the beautiful and sparkling ring that is 9mm wide. The scintillating Cartier ring expresses decency making you look more decent for the occasion. This elegant piece can be yours for around $29,710.

Cartier ‘Exceptional Rings’ H4203800

This is another exceptional and stunning piece amongst the Cartier wedding rings. Cartier brings to you some of the most attractive and refined pieces of wedding rings. Called Cartier Exceptional Rings H4203800, this platinum ring includes beautiful cut diamonds in white and yellow making it tantalizing. The flashy look of the white and yellow diamonds that are artistically placed at the center make the band more sophisticated and gorgeous. Yours for a cool $60,000.

Cartier ‘Ballerine Solitaire’ N4207100

This beautiful creation is a masterpiece from the Cartier solitaire collection. Named Cartier ‘Ballerine Solitaire’, the attractive wedding band enjoys a marvelous shape, design and the extraordinary allure of the ring vindicates the culture of Ballerine. The band is made with platinum and comes adorned with brilliant cut diamonds, ranging from 1.00 to 4.99 carats, around the girdle. Priced at $60,000, the delicate sparkle of the ring exhibits the true charm of Swan Lake.

Wedding band N4127600

Gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity whereas diamond symbolizes strength and everlasting love. The charming wedding band pictured above would make the receiver feel like royalty. Yellow gold and diamonds are used in a brilliant way to make this alluring wedding ring. this is one of the best wedding ring articulated by Cartier in a perfect way. 18 K yellow gold makes out the metal girdle, which is accentuated with 3–carat brilliant cut diamond. Placed among the company’s bestseller, the ring costs you around $19,800.

Cartier ‘Exceptional Rings’ (H4099500)

The Cartier ‘Exceptional Rings’ (H4099500) is another magnificent piece of wedding band from the ‘Exceptional Ring’ collection by Cartier. The platinum band is brilliantly festooned with cutwork diamonds around the metal girdle with a big emerald cut diamond featured in the center. This is available from 2.00 to 5.00 carat, making the wedding ring more lustrous and attractive. This exquisite and dazzling beauty is available for a price of $75,000.

Trinity ring B4086000

This wedding ring designed by Cartier has exhibited simplicity in a beautiful manner. The ring includes three different girdles of pink, yellow and white gold intertwined in a very sophisticated yet attractive way. The brilliantly cut diamonds are studded to each of the 18 K gold rings giving the ring the sparkling fascination desired by the bride to-be for her grand day. The wedding band has a width of 2.8 mm. the pricing for this brilliant piece of wedding ring sits at around $6,300.

Cartier ‘Solitaire 1895’ (N4201000)

The wedding bands collection of ‘Solitaire 1895’ includes the unique and classy designer rings by Cartier. Each piece of wedding ring represents timeless beauty and charm. The piece displayed above and labeled as Cartier ‘Solitaire 1895’ (N4201000) features a platinum girdle that enhances the scintillating glitter of the baguette-cut diamonds. The classy yet elegant structure of this pretty ring makes it distinctive than the others in the collection. The tapered diamonds are gracefully posed in sync with one another to give the wedding band an elite appearance. This classy Cartier wedding band carries a price tag of $22,500.

Cartier ‘Trinity solitaire’ (N4204200)

Here is another stunning piece of wedding ring designed by Cartier for the Trinity Solitaire collection. The piece is tagged as Cartier ‘Trinity solitaire’ (N4204200) and features 3 gold rings of 18 carats encircled together and brilliantly cut diamonds engraved in the center. The intertwined girdles of yellow gold, pink gold and white gold expresses the romance of the occasion in a simple and sophisticated way. The brightening twinkle of the brilliant cut diamond is raised by the three loops of gold. The ring creates a magical compassion between the couple as they say ‘I – do’. The cost of this pretty wedding band is $4,350.

Cartier ‘Cartier d’Amour solitaire’ (N4231000)

The alluring round shape of the platinum and enthralling structure of the ‘Cartier d’Amour solitaire’ (N4231000) ring with the central diamond makes it a masterpiece. The sparkling diamonds placed beautifully in the center in a circular manner brighten the entire appearance of the wedding ring and thus bring a feeling of satiation for the couple. This glittering wedding ring could be yours for $16,500.

Wedding band N4210100

Here is yet another Cartier ring that is designed to impress the love of your life. This stylish platinum wedding band, with 1.8mm width, comes festooned with brilliant cut diamonds enhancing the alluring sparkle of the ring. The diamonds are placed in a C- shape setting alternatively, giving it a gentle appearance. The Cartier Wedding band N4210100 is priced at around $17,220.

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