Celtic wedding rings symbolizing eternal love and loyalty

Timeless symbol of eternal love, Celtic wedding rings represent love and loyalty. The Celtic rings with the usual knot work have remained favorite ones since the ages. These days they are formed from many a different metals and alloys leaving behind the only choice of the gold and diamond ones. They can suit to any of the wedding themes as they are wonderful in their designs and makings. They are not necessarily the traditional rings but the designers and the jewelry houses of today have given them some modern and chic looking feel as well. Check out in the list for the Celtic wedding rings that we have chosen for you!

Palladium Celtic knot wedding ring

This one is a Celtic ring that has been derived out of the palladium. Quite simple in its texture this forms an elegant wedding ring. It measures 6mm in width, with the flat style of setting. The inner side of the wedding ring is perfectly polished to have the comfort fitting. The knot work is superficial and the wedding ring maintains its looks and shine for a lifetime. Though quite expensive, this makes a desirable wedding ring.

Celtic swirl wedding ring

All handmade, this is a Celtic swirl wedding ring that can be purchased in the 9 carat and the 18 carat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and other metals like platinum and palladium. It is 5mm in width and has all expert hands going into its making. The ring looks traditional but has the hypoallergenic texture to it, that makes it suitable for wearing. This will make a perfect wedding ring for the classic and the vintage themed weddings.

Dome profile titanium Celtic wedding ring with animal artwork

Pretty rustic looking this Celtic wedding ring has been prepared from titanium metal which is characteristic to it. It has a dome profile and also has the beautiful animal artwork to its exterior surface. A must have wedding ring for the couples who share a love for animals. It is available in the widths of 6mm to the 12mm. It has been made by using the latest technology and the highest quality materials have been employed in its making.

Zirconium blue knot design 7mm Celtic wedding ring

A zirconium ring having a beautiful inlaid blue Celtic design makes this one a pretty fine wedding ring. The blue color looks awesome on its outer side. It can be a very special wedding ring for the beach themed and winter themed weddings. The inner side of the ring is curved featuring its comfort wearing and taking off when needed. The wedding ring can be purchased in widths like 5mm, 6mm and 7mm. This is beautiful court styled wedding ring having the comfort fitting.

Two tone Celtic wedding ring

With the two different tones, this is a Celtic wedding ring that can be availed in white and yellow gold by the couples who are planning to buy a unique Celtic wedding ring. Other options in the materials can be palladium and platinum for the similar design. The width of the ring is 5mm which can be increased or decreased as per the need and liking. The knot work done in this ring is exquisite. In the category of the two tone wedding rings this one is a wise choice to make.

Triptych Celtic wedding ring

Borne with the three part wedding ring style this Celtic ring is known as Triptych Celtic wedding ring. It has a gold runic ring that is bordered by two D-shaped classic silver rings. The design of the ring is too unique and it is a masterpiece of design. The integration of the classic styles turns out as the most modern of the Celtic wedding ring style in this as one complete ring. The most wondrous thing is that the three rings can be swapped to create altogether new and different designs by the one who wears it. It is just like having three rings in a single one!

Round diamond Triquetra solitaire Celtic wedding ring

Built with the 14 carat of the white gold this is a brilliant looking solitaire Celtic wedding ring. It features the setting of the Triquetra which is a known to be the Celtic symbol for the trinity present on the each sides of the gemstone. This one is a made to order Celtic wedding ring and there is no doubt that it is yet another beauty in its class with all the diamond and glitter to magnify its eternal beauty.

Classic Celtic diamond wedding ring

Those who are sophisticated in style and perception will like this one. This is a classic diamond setted Celtic wedding ring that is simple in its design but features a great personality as a mature and graceful wedding ring. The diamond included in the design and making of the ring is 0.1 carat. The setting of the diamond has been done with the run-over technology that ensures its fine, secure and intact placement.

Sterling silver Celtic wedding ring

D-shaped Celtic wedding ring has been formed with the finest of the sterling silver. The Celtic knots have been carved very elegantly to the ring. The grooves of the ring have been oxidized to create a vintage or the ancient kind of a look. It has a 5mm width and a depth of 1.7mm. This is an excellent choice for the vintage styled wedding and also makes a great pick for the lovers of the rustic themed weddings.

Celtic dual wedding ring

Formed with the 9 carat of white gold, the ring has been made with the two rings fused as one. It is slim, classic and has a D-shape to its built. This is a kind of a modern touch added to the traditional Celtic ring formation. This qualifies as a wedding ring that will make people talk about it for a long time. Those who love simplicity and wants to keep their style statement intact in their wedding ring as well, should go for this Celtic wedding ring.

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