Elegant wedding invitation cards

Wedding Invitation Cards

The wedding cards are the most important thing, meant to impress and invite the guests at your memorable day of the life. It’s a way to tell people that you are getting married and they are cordially invited to attend the ceremony and share their happiness. Some people get very innovative with wedding invitation cards. They make unique and very interesting designs of these cards so that people can remember them all their life. People choose hand made paper, beautiful colors and patterns and most of all different colored and styled fonts for the matter written on the cards. Wedding cards usually come enclosed with different enclosure cards as well which include the RSVP card or the separate reception or post wedding party invitation cards. All these cards are designed in a set so that they don’t look out of place. Royal and classy cards are mostly in the colors of beige, white, ecru, black or golden. The color silver and grey are also used many times which gives a great look. The choice of paper for making wedding cards and envelopes also portrays your willingness of inviting the guests. Let us see some of the most elegant wedding invitation cards in detail.

1. Golden Style Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $279.90 per 100

Golden Style

Product description

A elegant golden wrap which contains the invitation card looks beautiful with its filigree design. The right side of this wrap has a plain cream colored section where the initials of the bride and bridegroom are written in curved writing along with the wedding date. Below the flap of the wrap is the main card which is again a light cream with the complete details of the invitation. The venue, the wedding date, time, some welcoming lines,etc can be written on this card. The enclosure envelopes and cards also have some of the filigree design on one corner to make it look a part of one collection. The light golden color helps accentuate the beauty of the design on the wrap.

Product USP

Available in the most royal colors of golden, cream and light brown all in one card which makes the card look sophisticated and beautiful. The filigree design enhances the beauty of the wrap.


1. You can personalize the card as per your wish.

2. Available in a sober and royal looking color.

2. Wrap Surprise Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $289.90 per 100

Wrap Surprise

Product description

The rich color of silver grey is a surprise for your guests as these wedding cards are strikingly beautiful. The envelope or wrap is designed with floral patterns and is in deep silver grey color. It also has a similar colored ribbon tied to it which increases the beauty of the card. You can place your invitation cards inside this wrap. The cards can be a lighted shade or even white which makes a contrast color combination. You can put in 2-3 cards in one wrap which can be invitations for various ceremonies at your wedding. The enclosures also have the embossed floral design on the footer side to make it look even more elegant.

Product USP

The silver grey color of the wedding invitation is surely the plus point of this type of card to enhance the beauty is the satin ribbon around the wrap. The thin satin ribbon is tied in a bow to give a classy look to the invitation cards on a whole.


1. Fit in 2-3 cards in one wrap.

2. Elegant colors of silver and grey.

3. Tied Together Forever Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $289.80 per 100

Tied Together Forever

Product description

Designed in the imperial colors of black and red this wedding invitation set is a long rectangle. The main invitation card being divided in black and red, there is a black bow tie on the upper side of the card. You can select the color of the bow tie as per your choice and make the card look good. This section where the bow tie is fastened is red in color. Along with the main card comes the smaller square shaped reception and further celebrations cards which display the venue and date of the post wedding celebrations and parties. The envelope is a plain white one with the address of the venue printed on it. The print on the black card is white or shimmer silver and hence the beauty of the card increases.

Product USP

These wedding invitations come with a RSVP card and a envelope for it which has the return address already printed on it. You simply need to tick mark if you are coming for the wedding or no and return the card to the host. A very nice way to know how many guests you are expecting. All the enclosures are similar looking and come as a set with the main invitation card.


1. Imperial colors of red and black.

2. The bow tie also available in magenta, claret and aqua color.

3. RSVP card included.

4. Accentuated with Shimmer Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $274.90 per 100

Accentuated with Shimmer

Product description

The pocket size and styled invitation card is made in pearl white color. The cards are in a much whiter shade than the pocket like wrap. The names of the couple are written in beautiful print and so is the invitation. Initials of the bride and groom are printed on the envelope and there is a also a satin ribbon tied to the envelope. You can get the verse of your choice printed on the invitation card. The whole pearl white finish of the cards gives it a very refined look and hence looks very simple yet extravagant.

Product USP

Available in pearly white color with personalized message printed on the card inside. The pocket wrap has a self design of leaves and twirls which makes the wrap look attractive. The shades of white of the envelope and the cards is different hence making it look even more stately.


1. Pocket styles envelope which holds the invitation card.

2. Pearl white color to give it a class.

5. All Over Black Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $305.00 per 100

All Over Black

Product description

The jet black colored pocket card holder has a large black bow attached to it. The wedding invitation cards are in a contrast white with your favorite verse. You can include the additional cards in this pocket styled wrap at an extra cost and send all the invitations at one go. The black pocket wrap looks very stylish. The black wrap has self design on the front side to highlight it and make it look even more elegant. The bow is made of shiny satin and is quite large. There is no cover to the pocket wrap hence the contract in white and black of the card and envelope can be made out at one glance. This is why this collection is a choice made by many who like the basic colors of black an white.

Product USP

The black pocket wrap adds style and elegance to this kind of wedding invitation card along with the large black bow.


1. Stylish bow to the pocket styled warp steals the show.

6. Copper Leaves Pocket Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $400.00 per 100

Copper Leaves Pocket

Product description

The color copper brings brightness to the invitation cards. This collection has copper colored closed pocket style wraps which hold the invitation cards and enclosures. The wrap has embossed leaves on it which give a very classy feel to the wedding invitation. The closing flap is a broad ‘V’ shape and closes the invitation securely inside it. The main invitation cards and enclosures are a lighter shade of ecru and have copper colored print on it. Open the pocket and out pops the invitation and enclosures in their contrast colors.

Product USP

The copper colored leaves embossing on the outer wrap is what is the highlight of this collection. Guests would love to hold the rectangular pocket and open the flap to read the invitation inside.


1. Copper colored wrap with leaves embossing.

7. Green and White Flowers Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $568.00 per 100

Green and White Flowers

Product description

Using the sober colors of olive green, white and grey this collection is a class topper. The pocket is a plain white and holds the tea length invitation card in it which has floral green or grey designs on it. The enclosures are either a green or white with the contrast colored floral design on them. In all the whole set is very sober looking but attractive as well and people would love to read the fine writing in white on the invitation card.

Product USP

The green in this collection comes in various shades you can choose from. You can select the canary green, the hydrangea green, the lipstick green, the monarch green, the sea green of the citrine green shown in the picture above. All the shades look fantastic with white and grey.


1. Available in various shades of green.

2. The floral design gives elegance to the cards.

8. Black Pocket with Silver Shimmer Invite Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $580.00 per 100

Black Pocket

Product description

The basic and regal colors of black and white have been used in designing this collection of wedding invitation cards. The invitation cards in this collection are made in white paper with silver shimmering print on them. The shape of the cards is square with rounded corners. The enclosures along with the main card are also designed in the same way and all look alike. However enclosures are sometimes sold separately. These cards are all placed in a square shaped envelope styled pocket in jet black color. The black pocket does not have shine and looks very neat. The initials of the bride and groom are printed in the same silver shimmer on the flap of the wrap.

Product USP

The jet black wrap of the invitation card looks very chic with the silver shimmer print on white cards inside it.


1. Silver shimmer invitation cards made in a different shape.

9. Gold Pocket with Black Invitation Card Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $704.00 per 100

Gold Pocket with Black Invitation Card

Product description

This wedding invitation card set comes with a invitation card, reception card and respond card with folder for it, all set in a large pocket like rectangular envelope. All cards are kept in one pocket but in different settings. The main invitation card is made in black with golden shimmer print on it. The reception card is made in golden color with shimmer print on it and the respond card is made in ecru color with gold shimmering print. There is a folder along with this for the respond card to be returned. All this is packed in golden colored plain envelope or enclosed wrap. You can also get similar kind of enclosures done at an extra cost.

Product USP

Overall a very graceful package of 3 cards in one enclosure and all with golden shimmering print on it. Add your own verse and make your guests happy.


1. Beautiful colors of golden and ecru are used in making this collection a classy one.

10. Regal Mocha Wedding Invitation Cards

Price: $587.00 per 100

Regal Mocha

Product description

The mocha colored pocketed envelope is the asset of this collection. The dark chocolate color gives a rich feel to the cards. It is tied with a similar but shiny satin ribbon bow. The invitation cards inside are a contract beige color with intricate floral design on the header of the card. This design is embossed and hence has a very royal feel to it. The enclosures and other cards are of the similar pattern and look beautiful with ecru colored print on them.

Product USP

The dark mocha colored envelope wrap and the satin bow are the best feature of this collection and people would get tempted to open the invitation to see whats in store inside. These give a classy feel to the invitation card and hence guests feel welcome.


1. Mocha colored wrap with satin bow

2. Floral royal embossing on invitation and other cards.

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