Cheap wedding favors to suit your budget

Any wedding is a time of expenditures. Budgets become vital and cost-cutting is the way to go. However, cost-cutting should not happen at the expense of quality, for a wedding is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. So, you should be special care about what you select. And when it comes to buying wedding favors to show gratitude to guests, you must not settle for anything less than the best. Here are 15 amazingly affordable wedding favors that do not appear ‘cheap’ in any way!

Apple of my Eye Candle

These beautiful candles have been constituted in frosted glass holders, decorated with a red apple. The candle within is white and and comes packed in a clear, acetate box with an organza ribbon. The candle measures 2 inches by 2 inches.

Price: As low as $ 0.35.

Buy at: WeddingFavors

The bird house sweet box

A two-piece birdhouse that houses treats and sweets to delight the palate, this box requires easy, DIY assembly. The patterns and designs on the box are beautiful and elegant and they arrive with customization options as far as the favor tag is concerned. The contents of the box are left totally for the host to decide.

Price: As low as $0.48 per box.

Buy here: MyWeddingFavors

Palm tree multi-dimensional favor box

For those that seek a wonderful marriage on the beach, these palm tree boxes which have been made with great details, would serve as the perfect favors. The detailing is so wonderful that there are subtle shades of green and brown on the fronds and bark of the tree. There are also coconuts hanging from the treetops. Sold in sets of 24, these trees need minimal assembly.


As low as $0.60 per palm tree.

Buy here:


Beautiful butterfly cookie cutter

Shaped in the silhouette of a delicate, dancing butterfly, these favors would be the pick of any smart cookie as a gift for the guests. The cookie cutter arrives along with a colorful themed backdrop neatly packaged in a clear, plastic box. A silver bow and elastic “Thank You” tag complete the gift.

Price As low as 0.93 per butterfly cutter.

Buy here: WeddingFavors

Cupcake Favor box

If you have decided to give out cupcakes in a range of flavors at the wedding, this cupcake box favor would be the ideal way to package the tasty treat. Create a mobile dessert which none of the guests will desert! Personalized labels can be added to the boxes along with the thank you message. The boxes are available as sets of 12.

Price: As low as $ 0.77 per box.

Buy here: EllasWeddingFavors

Champagne bubbles

Any true celebration calls for a dash of champagne. This mini champagne magnum of bubbles is available with a simple screw-off cap with a white label in gold accents that says, “Celebrate”. Containing an ounce of bubbles, these favors come packed in sets of 12. Each bottle is 3.75 inches in height and 1.25 inches in diameter.

Price: As low as $0.38 per bottle favor.

Buy here: EllasWeddingFavors

Silver LOVE cardholder with matching cards

An original and elegantly designed cardholder in silver is perfect to hold cards measuring 2.75 inches by 1.5 inches. Do your wedding guests a great favor by gifting them this little decorative item that can adorn any table or mantelpiece. It will suit any wedding theme well for is love, the common thread in any wedding?

Price: As low as $1.00 per piece.

Buy here: MyWeddingFavors

The Laughing Buddha cardholder

The famous little Buddha with a great appetite for happiness and prosperity is sure to bring a smile on the faces of all the guests at your wedding. The beauty of this wedding favor lies in the intricate detailing that has gone into the little statue. Crafted from heavyweight resin, the upraised arms of the Buddha function as a card holder. The statues are available as sets of four.

Price: As low as $ 0.97 per piece.

Buy here: EllasWeddingFavors

Personalized Bridal Bags

It does not matter what is placed within these bags, the personalizing is sure to win the hearts of the guests. Made in satin with drawstrings, the bags are available in gold, cream and white. There are more than 30 designs to choose from depending on the theme of your wedding.

Price: As low as $ 1.30 per bag.

Buy here: MyWeddingFavors

Heart ‘Whisk’ers

Wrapped beautifully in a lovely sweetheart box and having a heart-shaped handle, this whisk will ensure that a lot of heart goes along with every dash of flour and pinch of salt! A white organza ribbon holds a ‘Thank You’ note on a chef’s hat and it is sure to stir up a smile in the guests’ hearts.

Price: As low as $1.03 per whisk.

Buy here: MyWeddingFavors

Topiary placecard/photo holder

A beautifully arranged miniature garden could be a green way to send a ‘Thank you ‘ note your guests’ way. This favor draws inspiration from gardens and has been made from natural components too. Thus, you will observe differences in the size of the tree trunks. The trees arrive in sets of four.

Price: As low as $1.06 per tree.

Buy here: EllasWeddingFavors

Theme Mint tins

These little, contemporary mint tins are unisex in their appeal and make a perfect handout for the wedding guests after the banquet. It is definitely a practical idea to have them. The minimum order quantity is 24 and the labels can be customized and personalized. Note that the mints are not part of the purchase! So, some assembly would be needed.

Price: As low as $0.77 per tin.

Buy here: EllasWeddingFavors

Scented soaps

Packed in elegant black boxes, these white, milky soaps shaped as hugs and kisses would definitely be special gifts for your guest couples. The vintage gift box holds one soap shaped as an ‘X’ and the other like an ‘O’. An exquisite bow wraps the box.

Price: As low as $1.11 per pair.

Buy here: EllasWeddingFavors

Enchanted carriage boxes

A fairytale wedding would be beautifully complemented by this beautiful coach favor that seems to carry within it mysterious gifts. You could fill the boxes with cinnamon hearts, chocolates. almonds or anything else. Better still would be to fill different boxes differently to surprise your guests.

Price: As low as $0.54 per box.

Buy here: WeddingFavors

Metal pails with damask designs

Made in white metal, these pails of joy can carry treats, chocolates or whatever you wish to gift your wedding guests. The pail is adorable to see and sweet to possess.

Price: As low as $0.62 per piece.

Buy here: WeddingFavors

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