gold wedding rings for the gorgeous brides

While you exchange your wedding vows, one thing that plays the most crucial and imperative role at that moment is the wedding ring. An adequately well picked wedding ring bestows a perfect impression on the leading lady and the guests. It should perfectly depict the affection, warmth and the compassion you both share and live in. From the hefty range available in the market; gold wedding rings and bands look absolutely sophisticated and diverse from the cliché style and patterns of silver wedding rings. You can look, pick and decide for yours from the astonishing list assembled below:

Gold diamond wedding ring

If one would want to explain this ecstatic beauty of the ring; two words that will strike instantly are gorgeous and incomparable. The ring just looks fabulous with the kind of pattern and design it adorns. The halo structure of the ring is unusual and beautiful. The curvaceous design of the shank helps it appear more enchanting and eye pleasing. The round diamond is settled perfectly into the fitted halo setting which look inimitable.

Marquise Diamond Bypass Wedding ring

Exhibiting her inimitable beauty, the wedding ring looks extremely beautiful and striking; the sharp edges of the ring lend it a awe inspiring look along with blemishing appearance. The six prong setting is bypass by the 14k gold. Channel set baguette diamonds surround the metal’s elegant and graceful curves. The round solitaires accented in the ring gives it a poetic appearance.

Yellow Gold Tapered Knife-Edge wedding ring

The tapered cut enigmatic ring features perfect elegance and poise of a wedding occasion. The ring is beautifully shaped and designed. It features knife edge finesse with pave set diamonds shimmering all around the curvaceous shank. It is a ring to have for a lifetime. It’s designed in 18k yellow gold. One would feel very precious and valuable while receiving this token of affection from the one they love.

Double shank gold wedding ring

The beauty with double shank looks breathtaking and marvelous. The studded diamond look lends it an ecstatic and beautified appeal. The round shank looks beautiful and compliments the ring well. This ring is for the people who like to wear elegance with perfect style quotient. The four prong setting makes it look even more modish and sophisticated. The ring is surrounded with a layer seven diamonds on one ring and four on the other.

Yellow Gold Freeform Scroll Wedding Band

The traditional Irish scroll pattern ring brings in the innocence and affection of a wedding ceremony. The pattern symbolizes love, affection and fidelity. It is delicate and looks adorable in its appearance. It is well made and sturdy. The Irish pattern makes it look even more complimenting and endearing. The shank is perfectly wide to accentuate its design and shape.

Bar Set and Pave Set Diamond Wedding Ring

The enchanting bar set and pave set diamond wedding ring in yellow gold looks enigmatic and charming. The gorgeous ring features a two bar set setting which lends it an unusual yet stunning look. The princess cut diamonds provides a niche to its appearance and bestow the charm and luster all around. The three walls on the ring surface perfectly exhibit a clear and clean diamond setting that enhances its gleam.

Gold wedding ring with Baguette diamonds

The arresting appearance and design of the ring makes it a unique choice for a wedding occasion. The ring exhibits elegance and class. It perfectly submerges with the setting of a wedding occasion. The six prongs setting at the top with round diamond fitted beautifully makes it even more luxurious. The two bag setting at the shank bestows an exuberating look and is studded with baguette shaped and round shapes diamonds at the shank lien and at the curved liens.

Round gold wedding ring

The baguette cut beautiful ring illuminates the wedding occasion with its sparkling beauty and luster. The ring is covered with baguette shaped diamonds from all the sides. The gold plated band look striking and well shaped. The six prong setting makes it look like a stylish accessory that will give one a boost to flaunt it every time of the day.

Rustic gold diamond wedding ring

Rustic beauty is what this ring exhibits! A perfect combination of tradition and class is what makes it an outstanding pick. The appearance of the ring showcases true imperial colors of an occasion. The two band setting gives it a high and the diamond studded beautifully makes an impression of royalty and grace. The six prong setting exhibits a gripped and smooth appeal with mesmerizing looks.

Princess cut gold wedding ring

The beautiful and enigmatic ring exhibits great colors of sophistication and style. The design is welcoming and arresting. The princess cut diamond stone perfectly complements the beauty of the occasion and lends a pleasant look to the bride. The baguette cut diamonds along the halo setting makes it look even more alluring and striking. The diamond studded shank bestows it a complete look with a matching band lined in along the ring side.

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