Your guide to choosing Maid of Honor when you have more than one sister

choosing Maid of Honor

Choosing Maid of Honor is sheer fun for majority of the brides, especially for those who have been planning it for years. On the other hand are some brides for whom this choice is not that easy. They are the brides who have more than one sister. Choosing between sisters haunts them, for it might disturb their sisterly love. For all such brides, here are some tips than can help them choose Maid of Honor (MOH) without disturbing peace and love between sisters.

Consider friends as well

choosing Maid of Honor

There is no rule written that you only have to pick your sibling as a Maid of Honor. You can always pick your friend over sister if you find it better. Therefore, no need to get into the drama of choosing one out of the many sisters you have. Simply pick a friend who is as worthy of being your Maid of Honor as your sisters are. Friends without whom you simply couldn’t imagine getting married and whose presence makes you extremely happy.

Having more than one Maid of Honor is cool

There is no need to take stress regarding the Maid of Honor choice when you have more than one sister or multiple dear friends. There is no such rule that you can only pick one Maid of Honor. You can have a number of them who would share duties and responsibilities of bridesmaid at your wedding. As per your requirement, you can assign them different tasks. Despite all this, if you still feel that making a choice is difficult, you can also go without any Maid of Honor.


choosing Maid of Honor

You need to design a rotation planin advance with your siblings to escape the dilemma of choosing Maid of Honor from more than one sister that you have. You need to plan beforehand that who will serve as MOH in whose wedding. This way, there would not be any confusion and you would nothave any hard time making this particular choice on your wedding day.

Have a man as your maid of honor

Your wedding is nearing and you just cannot decide whom to pick as your Maid of Honor, for you have no sister and no girl friend that you think is worthy enough. You would be glad to know that there aren’t any gender rules when it comes to picking MOH. You can pick your best guy friend, your father, grandfather or your brother as your Maid of Honor or the ‘bridesman’ and ‘man of honor’ as we call them.


choosing Maid of Honor

If you talk it out, you would probably get the best solution to the Maid of Honor dilemma you are experiencing. You need to find out whether your sisters really want to become your MOH or someone else is more worthy of the title. It could be your friend, your neighbor, relative or anybody else you feel more connected to.

In addition to this, there is no compulsion that you have to pick someone as your MOH just because you served the same at their wedding. It is okay to pick someone else and not them as your MOH. You just have to go with your gutt feeling and not by what others have done. 

While choosing Maid of Honor, brides must consider friends and relatives whom they feel most connected to. One shouldn’t let other people’s wedding choices get in their way of decision making.

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