Choosing the right colors for your wedding décor

Choosing the right wedding colors 

The wedding colors have to be complemented with the venue. The colors you choose would be depending on the colors of the wedding walls, the colors of the flowers, the intricate details and the overall decoration of the venues. Before deciding on the colors you need to decide on the settings, the colds that are being used for the walls, the carpets and the curtains, the wedding platform and all other associated surroundings.


Choose the color which you feel will go best with the occasion 

If you have an affinity for yellow then the best way is to go with the color yellow. You can combine yellow with various other mix and match shades and hues, light shades as well as dark shades of yellow and the right kind of accents. If you have a particular flower that is the same color as the wedding venue like rose or lily or sunflower, then you can decorate your venue with the same.



Decorate with colors of the season

Deciding on the color theme would also depend on the season. The best thing always is to choose the colors that would match with the seasons. If you are getting married in the falls, then choose shades of orange or brown. Again you can choose light pastel colors during the summer season. In winter you can opt for a little brighter and darker color.


Choosing your dress

Your dress also needs to be complemented with the surrounding colors. So if the colors of your walls are pink then try out a light pink dress or if your walls are yellow then try out a peach dress. Choose the color theme that you feel would look best in the venue. It should be soothing as well as light and warm. Before choosing the various kinds of colors, choose the colors that go with the season, the colors that are a trend this year and the colors that all your guests would like as well. You’ll definitely have a great wedding.

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