Would a Christian wedding symbol and Hindu wedding symbol look appropriate together on my wedding invitation card?

My boyfriend is an Indian but he has been living here in New York since childhood, and I have known him since we were in high school. We both have decided to get married, and my parents do not have a problem with it. Although, his mom doesn’t look very excited about the nuptials, she isn’t complaining either. We have thus decided that the wedding reception would be arranged as per Hindu traditions, and after that, we’ll have a grand reception party according to Christian tradition. I had a query regarding the invitation cards. I had learnt from him that a wedding symbol known as ‘Swastika’ is considered auspicious on an invitation card. I was wondering whether a ‘Swastika’ symbol would look good on the wedding card, besides the Christian wedding symbol. I would really like to get some suitable advice on it, and I would be extremely thankful if some wedding expert could help me with it!

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