Coolest tattoos for couples to wear

Gone are the days when a couple could simply get married and that would be a sufficient declaration of their love. With relationships, marriages and divorces becoming almost disposable to an extent couples really in love have to go the extra mile to profess their commitment. One great way of faulting your relationship status to the world is getting tattoos as a couple. Couples can chose from either a two-part design that makes sense only when the two are seen together or individual tattoos that gain a whole lot of significance when seen in connection with the tattoo on the other partner’s body. Here is a compilation of some awesome couples’ tattoo ideas that have been in vogue for quite some time now.

Wedding rings tattoo

Though nothing can really replace the wedding ring as a symbol of one’s faith in one’s marriage, the fact that they can be taken off, and they generally are, by partners who don’t believe in the relationship anymore, can be a really psychologically hurtful aspect of the ring. However, if you want to show to the world that you take your marriage really seriously, a wedding ring tattoo can be a really neat way of declaring your intent of staying faithful to the person you said ‘I do’ to for the rest of your life. The cool thing about their tattoos is that they command attention to a part of one’s body that is generally not focused upon and makes one hell of a statement at the same time. Since there really are no set rules on what kind of a design you should get for your wedding ring tattoo, you can chose from a range of patterns or even have the name of your beloved tattooed around your ring finger to make it more romantic.

Puzzle Tattoo for couples

They say when two people really are soul mates and meant to be together, they complete each other like two pieces of a puzzle. If you are part of a duo that feels a little lost without one another, then a puzzle themed tattoo may be a really great body art theme for you. You can get these tattoos almost anywhere on your boy as long as both the tattoos can be seen together at the same time. Arms, back of the hand, calves and even shoulders make a great spot to get these tattoos done.

Matching tattoos for couples

A heraldic symbol for hope, the anchor can symbolize stability, permanence and in terms of romance, the promise that one’s feelings would never change of waiver no matter what storms the relationship has to face. This cool tattoo is perfect for people who enjoy water-based activities, who own a boat or a cabin by the lake, or even people who are in love with the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Couples can chose to get the same tattoo anywhere on their body and the tattoo design could be a great way to declare your commitment without really revealing too much. This aspect of the design makes it a great option for a secret engagement or a secret marriage as well as a less-attention commanding way to profess your commitment to one another especially if you are getting them done after a few decades of being together and have grown up kids.

Lock and Key Tattoos for Couples

The phrase “you have the key to my heart” has been used in courtships time and over again and remains one of the most popular of all cheesy love clichés. However, this takes nothing away from the fact that the lock and key symbols make an adorable twin tattoo design.

Dove Tattoos

As a symbol, the dove is loaded with mythical and spiritual meaning. The dove represents the renewal of life according to ancient Greek myth. According to biblical myth, a dove released by Noah from his ark returned with an olive branch and proved that the great flood was over. The dove, thus, became the symbol of God’s forgiveness and deliverance and is a symbol of the soul and the Holy Spirit in Christianity. The dove is also the universal symbol of peace and its association with all things pure, innocent and unspoilt makes the bird one of the preferred species that couples like to release at their wedding for good luck. With such a deep symbolism behind it, the dove is a less poplar tattoo symbol though it can be used just as effectively to show the pure and untamperable love one has for their partner.

Signature tattoos

They say when you are in love with someone, even a paper with their signature on it becomes precious for you. Since signed love letters have been replaced by texts and emails, a tattoo that replicates the signature of the one you love can really help show how your partner’s love has left a mark on you, quite literally! What makes these tattoo deigns really, really special though it that there’s really no chance at all that you’ll ever have to suffer the embarrassment of finding out that someone else has the same tattoo as you have!

Heart halves tattoo

No symbol says “in love” more than a heart and getting half a heart tattooed on your hand or palm that shows a full heart only when the hands are put together is oh so super romantic! You can chose to make your heart half as elaborate or as minimalistic as you want and you can even get the hearts filled in with any color you want that has any special significance for you.

Photo Tattoos

Do you love your partner’s face to death and just cannot stand to be parted from the sight of them even for a single moment? Then having their face tattoos on your body can be an amazing way to express your love for them and also a great way to tell everyone else just who you’re with and that you’re really not available anymore.

Wedding date tattoos

Almost half of post marital discords are attributed to husbands forgetting important dates like anniversaries and birthdays. One great way to ensure that you never get in trouble with your wife for having forgotten your wedding anniversary is to get the date tattooed to your arm. Not only will this ensure that your weak memory doesn’t get you in trouble with the missus, it will also help you flaunt your “happily married for this many years” status for the whole world to see.

Yin-Yang tattoo for couples

The symbol of the yin-yang symbolizes the idea of balance though in western cultures it is thought to stand for the male and female energies though not as opposing forces but as a part of a dynamic system that interact within a greater whole and are complementary opposites. As a tattoo for couples, the male-female connotation of the yin-yang makes a great tattoo design idea.

Wedding Vows Tattoos for couples

Writing wedding vows takes a whole lot time and if you feel like preserving the words you wed your sweetheart with forever, you can get them tattooed to your arm and remember them forever. If you have put in a lot of time and effort in thinking up the vows that you wed your partner with, preserving them on your body can make all that effort last for an eternity or as long as the body part it’s tattooed on stays with you.

Tree Sparrows Tattoos

In tattoo imagery, sparrows are extremely popular since they are a symbol of fidelity. Couples can incorporate classic tattoo imagery with by getting matching tree sparrow tattoos. Sparrows also symbolize the resurrection of life, birth, the mother goddess and the return of spring after a harsh winter. Sparrows are also thought to be the messenger of Aphrodite which makes it a perfect as a tattoo for married couples.

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