Signs your husband is loosing interest in you

your husband is loosing interest in you

We dream of a fairy tale wedding and a passionate relationship post marriage. But the reality is quite harsh. Many women complain that their husbands have lost interest in them. Some women conclude that it might be because they have ceased to remain as sensational as before. Honestly, there is no definitive cause behind such a downward trend of love in men’s lives. It is just that these men are not into their wives. But how will you know if you are passing through such a situation or not? Look through the Signs your husband is loosing interest in you; that will definitely come handy.

Signs your husband is loosing interest in you- He looks too busy

He looks too busy

One of the Signs your husband is loosing interest in you is that he keeps himself buzy. We do not say that busy men do not love their wives. But, you cannot deny either that trying to be more and more occupied with work; is an easy escape for a man who wishes to spend less time with his wife. You can understand this clearly by analyzing the attitude of your husband over some times. It will be crystal clear if he is really busy or just pretending.

His priorities of life have changed

Another sure shot Signs your husband is loosing interest in you; is his sudden change of priorities towards life. You might feel it a bit fabricated when he suddenly become workaholic or goes for friend’s get-together often or loves to visit relatives alone during weekends. You can take these as warning signs and be alert about the state of your marriage.

You communicate less

You communicate lessCommunication is an important trigger that will let you know the status of your relationship. While a healthy communication will signify that your marriage is a happy one, a sudden decrease in communication might indicate that it has entered into a statuesque. So, if your husband suddenly becomes too reserved and less talkative, you can definitely conclude that something is wrong.

Your topics of discussion have become generic

Even though we say that lack of communication is a prime determinant that your man is losing interest in you, some wives complain that their husbands do communicate with them, but it is too generic. Thus, we can always say the quality of communication with your spouse prompts whether he is into you or not. If you find that your topics of discussions are too generic and concerned with the basic marital responsibilities without any intimate talks, then things are not healthy at all.

Your quarrels have increased

Your quarrels have increased

You cannot deny that quarrels are part and parcels of married life. But, quarrels also become a major hint that he is losing interest in you. If you observe that he finds a lame pretext and starts quarreling with you, you must start reading in between the lines. It might signify that you have become a bitter gall for him and he wants you out of his life!

You are accused for everything

You might realize that your spouse accuses you for everything bad that is happening in his life. But you remain clueless about your faults. Actually, you do not have any fault at all or the fault is too nominal to be given any serious consideration. It is actually your husband, who wants to get rid of you. So, understand the sign.

He remains frustrated all the time

He remains frustrated all the timeFrustration is one of the indications and Signs your husband is loosing interest in you. Sometimes excessive work pressure does make men frustrated and stressed; in the bargain, the wife becomes the victim. But such a situation is only short lived. On the contrary, if you find that it has become a perennial attitude of your husband, you can always be skeptical. It might be his way of warding you off!

You are no longer appreciated

Every man gets attracted towards a woman due to certain particular charms. Most importantly, men love to praise their wives for something as simple as a good sense of humor or a great dinner treat, if not stunning looks. Appreciations melt the heart of women. But, when your husband stops appreciating you totally, you can conclude that something is cooking up. It is not that your skills have started deteriorating, but he has stopped praising you. Actually he is losing interest in you and thus, you do not need to melt your heart any more.

He needs more space now

He needs more space now

Space is a very tricky term in case of marriage. We cannot deny that space retains the individuality of a human being even after marriage. But it cannot be totally ruled out either that ‘space’ also becomes the major sources of differences between married couples. So, if you find that instead of spending time with you; your spouse loves remaining glued to the internet or the television set and acts indifferent towards your presence; be cautious. It is a hint that he loves to live in his own world than ‘waste’ time with you and also one of the Signs your husband is loosing interest in you.

Watch out what he says

We say a lot of things when we are vexed. We never mean them by heart. But, in case if you have a hunch that your husband’s interest in you is decreasing, watch out what he says often when he is angry. If his common dialects are something like, “Let’s take a break”, “Marriage is a menace,” Things were better when I was a bachelor” etc., it signifies that he is not happy with his current state of life. These remarks are gentle prelude that he has lost interest in you and wishes to get out of this relationship.

He has become too secretive

He has become too secretive

Transparency is something that keeps a marriage alive. Actually, it becomes a pillar of trust and faith in between a husband and a wife. Although you cannot expect your spouse to be ‘as truthful as a saying’, but if he suddenly becomes noticeably secretive it is obvious that he is trying to hide something from you. This ‘secret’ might be the prime source that is making him loose interest in you. Be alert before it is too late.

Signs your husband is loosing interest in you- Sex is suffering

Men wish to be intimate with their wives. Sexual urge is more in case of men than women. But a husband, who is losing interest in his wife, will hesitate to be intimate. He will put up all lame excuses of the world, so that he does not have to be with his wife. Understand this sign carefully.

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