Destination Wedding: 5 Tips to transport and care for bride’s wedding dress

If you are holding a destination wedding, you would have to transport your wedding gown from one place to another. Transporting a wedding dress to the desired wedding destination can cause you last minute jitters. Here, we have listed some smart tips to help you transport and care for your wedding dress.

1. Car is the best option

The best way to travel with your wedding dress or gown is by car. Often wrinkling mar the embellishment and vulnerable things of the dress hence to minimize the wrinkling hire the vehicle as large as you can afford. Fold the back seats down and cover them with a sheet then lay out the dress extending the skirt as far as possible. Or, pack your wedding dress in its own box or suitcase using the guidelines. Or else you can simply carry your wedding dress in its bag or drape it loosely over the top of all other luggage in the car.

2. Contact airlines

If you are flying don’t take the dress as a carry on. Any box or luggage small enough to fit in overhead bins is probably too small to fit a dress without crushing it. Some airlines will allow you to bring a suitably packed wedding dress on board and show it away safely during the flight which may or may not incur extra charge.

3. Shipping can work

Ship the package to your destination using a reputed carrier. Some companies specialize in safe handling. It’s best to pack your dress for shipping as if for preservation. Stuff the bodice, skirt and sleeves with acid-free tissue paper and place the gown in a tissue-lined archival box. To prevent sharp creases, fold the dress in Z-shape over crumpled tissue paper or use box large enough to accommodate the dress folded just once- at the waist.

4. Seek help from friends or relatives

Sometimes you have to rely on your best companions be it close friends or family members. With a trusted friend, family member or a member of your wedding party whosoever takes responsibility for transporting your wedding dress gives you peace of mind. At least you can have a sigh of respite that it will arrive at your destination in safe hands. In addition you can give them special instructions or brief them to handle with care.

5. Preparing wedding dress for ceremony

To reduce the formation of wrinkles and protect delicate embellishments use protective gown bag and place layer of uncoloured, acid-free tissue paper. Also, check with your wedding dress retailer or dressmaker as they have expertise in how to protect any vulnerable thing. Special fabrics and materials need different treatment so always seek guidance as how to best pack and transport. Ask the professional dry cleaner to press the dress if required. Or hang it any steam filled bathroom and use a clean cloth in between the steamer and your dress to avoid any possible damage to the fabric.

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