DIY: How to make a brooch bouquet for your wedding

Who does not fell in love with the gorgeous brooch bridal bouquets? They are beauties to hold when a beautiful bride walk down the aisle. There are so many reasons for us to love these beautiful bridal bouquets. Well they sparkle which natural flowers do not. You can actually use the jewelry that belong to your family members and they will become a memorable decorative bouquet that you had for your wedding. We are just helping you know how you can make a brooch bouquet for your wedding. It is simple and easy so do not give up before you read the DIY procedure completely.

DIY Brooch Bouquet

Difficulty level: Moderately easy

Time required: 30 minutes

Things needed

Things needed

All what you need, is mentioned below in the order:

· Brooches (up to 80)

· Earrings/Necklaces

· Ribbons

· Scissors

· Hot glue gun

· Wire cutters

· Florist wire

· Gem topped pins

· Artificial hydrangea or other floral elements


When you have everything that is needed to make a brooch bouquet; start up doing all what detailed in the steps herein:

1. Take the jewelry pieces that you have selected to make the brooch bridal bouquet for the wedding and start wiring them. As each brooch is different from the other one, so you need to create different form of the wiring patterns. As you go down to the wire keep swirling the corsage tape to it simultaneously. Repeat the wiring and taping with all the jewelry pieces.

Step 1

2. Coming to the second step, now you have to assemble the brooch bouquet. Hold the hydrangeas in one of your hands and then start putting the brooches one by one. This will help the wires to get in a good placement and order.

Step 2

3. Take the wired seed beads and make 3 inched long loops out of them. Keep making the loops until you have four of the similar loops with you. Now you can make a collar around your bouquet with these beaded loops.

Step 3

4. The fourth step deals with wrapping the ribbon around the collar and handle of the brooch bouquet.

Step 4

5. Take hot glue and run it between the two ends of the ribbon so as to firmly attach them. Keep pressed for a while.

Step 5

6. Now put the bouquet handle inside the collar of the ribbon and then glue it properly as well.

Step 6

7. Make final finishing touches with more of the jewelry and the ornamentations. Now you are all done making the greatest of the brooch bouquets all on your own. Be happy!

Step 7

Things to watch out for

· Insure that your wired brooch does not droop.

· Maintain the dome shape of the brooch bouquet while you make it.

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