DIY: How to make a wedding shower towel cake

If you can just take an hour for DIYing the wedding shower towel cake, then you are sure to save many a dollars on your wedding cake. It will be fun and much more a personalized experience for you to have. People who will come so as to attend the shower ceremony will eventually love all your hard work and praise your effort. Just to make sure that you do it in a right way learn how to do this in this article.

DIY wedding shower towel cake

Difficulty level: Moderately easy

Time required: 1-2 hours

Things needed:

· Bath towels (two)

· Hand towels (three)

· Wash cloths (two)

· Cake board

· Flowers

· Safety pins

· Wedding rings

· Cake topper

· Ribbons

· Rubber band

· Other decorative material


1. Keeping the ends overlapped; lay down the bath towels together. Pin down the towels and make a fols of them that measures about 6 inches in the width. Now roll the towels so as to make a tight coil. Insert pins at each coil and fold.

2. Now do the same thing with the three hand towels that you have got with you.

3. Again with the wash cloths you will have to repeat step number one.

4. Now get the cake stand or prepare one with a pizza pan by spraying it white in color.

5. If you have a good imagination and an artistic aptitude then this step would be loved by you, as now you have to decorate the cake. Give a good thought about how you imagine the end result to look like.

6. At each layer put some flowers as well as the flower petals. Use pearls and other decorative items.

Things to watch out for

· Remember to hide the pins by putting ribbons in a good order.

· Striped towels can be added to give a better look (an icing look)

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