DIY: How to make woodland wedding wreath

Wreath holds a really special place in a wedding ceremony and is widely used in almost every kind of wedding ceremony in America. Generally, used for decorations or sometimes carried by bridesmaids, a wedding wreath gives you an opportunity to incorporate your own original ideas. This DIY will help you make a beautiful wreath complementing your wedding theme that will become a treasured keepsake for the future time. Follow these instructions and make your big day a memorable one.

Woodland wedding wreath

Things you need

1 14 inch Styrofoam wreath form, green sphagnum moss (1 bag) and floral water picks (12)

1 Small maiden hair fern plant and 20 12inch medium thickness floral wire

Hydrangea bloom, 18” skinny ribbon and 1 yard wide satin ribbon

1 yard thinner ribbon, long pins and 9 cymbidium orchid blooms


1. First of all, make a hanger by tying skinny ribbon on wreath form and cut wire pieces from 18 strands of wire in 3 inch length to make your wire into pins by making it a U-shape.

2. Cover the wreath form with moss and secure it by attaching these u-shaped pins. You just have to cover the top of the wreath form and the sides of it. Now it’s time to assemble various elements to the cover form.

3. Make smaller pieces of large hydrangea and attach these stems into the water filled flower picks. Now, fill the remaining tubes with ferns and orchids.

4. Make 6 inch length pieces of 1 inch wide ribbon and make the loops and secure these loops with pins.

5. Now, make a bow out of widest ribbon and cut 5-6 inch lengths with the remaining wire strands, attach one end of wire into the sides of chicks and hens.

6. Now, you have to stick the fern picks into the wreath form and add a bow to the bottom of the wreath. You can also add hydrangea clusters to it. They look beautiful.

7. At last, add ribbon tufts, cymbidium blooms and the hens and chicks. Now you can hang it on a door or over a mantle.

Source: oncewed

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