DIY : Tips to accessorize bridal veil on headband

Headpiece is one of the most beautiful accessories; a bride can wear on the wedding day. Wearing a veil is an old tradition and often brides decorate it with additional accessory known as headpiece. Creating a seamless headpiece by combing a veil and a headpiece is a great idea to charm your look and at the same time following traditional customs. A veiled headband reflects your style and gives you a stunning glow to your wedding day look. Here some tips to decorate a bridal veil on a headband.

Bridal veil on headband

The things you need

  • Tulle or netting, scissors and fabric-covered headband
  • Hot glue, ribbon and clothespins
  • Embellishments ; crystals and beads, rhinestone jewelry and ribbon


  • First of all, just trim tulle to the desired length of your veil and brace a headband upright your work surface.
  • Now, just hold the veil material and mark the center point of the material.
  • Now, press the center point to the underside and secure the headband by conjoining the center points of the fabric and headband.
  • To make a permanent fix, put a small glue of hot glue on both the pieces ( in centers). This will take a bit of time to settle, so just wait a while before proceeding further.
  • Cut a ribbon piece of 1 inch longer length than the headpiece and cut the ribbon with scissors.
  • Now, glue the ribbon with hem by just folding a 1/2-inch of hem at one end and then doing the same at the other end of the ribbon.
  • After gluing the inner side of the headband press the center part of the ribbon into glue. Ribbon will protect the veil from friction.
  • Now, decorate your headband with embellishments like glue crystals and pin rhinestone brooches.

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