Best tips to decorate an earthy Bohemian wedding

Wedding is a day that must be cherished with whole of your energy, embracing life’s eternal beauty and potential. This is the day when two people succumbs their lives to each other. For an earthy Bohemia wedding, creative decoration matters a lot and the ceremony is all about style and structure. If you are thinking about a unique and earthy theme for your wedding but not getting an idea, Bohemia wedding is the best. Though, you can face some decoration challenges but with a little creativity, you can easily resolve this problems. Here are some ideas that can help you.

Bohemian wedding

Things you need

1. Seed card favors, beeswax candles and mini palm plants

2. Colored ribbon, ball jars and fern plants

3. Scissors, flower petals and paper clips

4. Printed pictures of the couple, blank canvas and paint


1. Take the bundle of ribbon and cut two foot strips of it. The ribbon should match the theme color of the wedding. You can also tie a bow shaped ribbon at the end of chair row.

2. Bohemian weddings are all about going green with decoration. Use mini bottles of bubbles and place them in each seat. They are less harmful to the nature.

3. You can place bee wax candles at the wedding ceremony place. They look beautiful.

4. Florist and hotels waste a lot of flowers so you can decorate the wedding venue with flowers discarded by florist. Decorate the aisle with these local flowers instead of cloth.

5. Add a little fun to the wedding decoration by placing old canning jars at each chair in reception hall.

6. Seed packages are the best wedding favors. This will inspire them to plant more and more trees. You can also place some palm plants at the table of each guest.

7. Reception area can be decorated with ferns and paper clip picture to the tree as ornaments.

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