Essential pros and cons of deciding to marry abroad

Getting married abroad can be a dream come true for most of the couples. But deciding about whether you want to marry abroad can be a little dicey. You have to worry about budget issues, ceremonies and other wedding decisions. While there are several disadvantages of getting married abroad, there are numerous pros too. Here we have combined a list of all possible pros and cons of getting married at a foreign destination.

Marrying abroad


1. Bye-bye to hassles of wedding planning

When you choose a foreign destination as your wedding venue, then all your wedding planning gets easier. This is because you are obligated to hire a wedding planner who will know all about your ideas related to the wedding and will incorporate them to give you a fairy tale wedding. A foreign wedding is less stressful than a home country wedding.

2. Dream destination

Getting married abroad allows you to select your dream destination for your wedding day. You can choose almost any place in the world! Imagination and budget can be your only limitations. But still, you get to choose a dream place which will make your wedding more exciting than a traditional wedding.

3. Choose the guests

If you are getting married in your own country, then you might have to invite too many people, including the colleagues or co-workers that you don’t like. But if you plan to tie your knot at a foreign destination, you can be selective about who you wish to invite. Wedding abroad can be a special getaway for you and your close loved ones.

4. Wedding with honeymoon

You can obviously have a wedding at a destination that can also serve as both, wedding and honeymoon destination. Moreover, during the course of your wedding ceremony, your guests can also enjoy a small holiday.

5. Plan your wedding according to weather

Your home country may be too cold or too hot when you decide to get married. So, you can select a foreign destination that is perfect for your wedding. Whether you want a warm weather or tropical breeze, you always have the choice to choose your wedding destination.

6. Pocket-friendly

Most of the people feel that getting married abroad can be costly, but it isn’t as pricey as it may seem. In fact, once you have selective guests at your wedding, you can save a lot. Several hotels and travel agents offer cheap hotels and venues that provide good service.

7. Infinite choices

Not only do you have a large number of choices when it comes to selecting your wedding destination, but you also have endless choices for other options like wedding venues, wedding style, wedding themes etc.

8. Memorable experience

A Wedding abroad is contemporary. Not only your wedding will be unique, but it will always be considered a special occasion for you and your loved ones. People will fondly remember your wedding for being exciting, modern and glamorous.

9. Uniquely personalized

If you want you can always involve yourself in total planning process. This way you can decide everything and give instructions to your wedding planner about what you and your partner want. Your wedding will be more unique and customized.

10. Romance with privacy

There are several couples who strongly believe that wedding is a complete private affair. If you are a person who wants her/his wedding to be totally private, without any guests, then you can jet off alone with your partner for a romantic getaway and a private wedding ceremony.


1. Money matters

Even if you can afford getting married at a foreign destination, there may be several guests who might not be able to afford to travel abroad for your special day.

2. Unhappy friends

If you decide to opt for selective guests list, then some of your friends or co-workers might get upset for not seeing their names on the list. Those who are unable to afford traveling expenses may be upset because they won’t be able to attending your wedding.

3. Unknown destination

A foreign destination can be a relatively unknown location. You may not have much control over how you want your wedding ceremonies to be conducted. Also, you won’t be much involved in the organization process.

4. Legal formalities

Since, you are not the citizen of the country you are getting married in; therefore, you will have to perform a lot of paper work. At the same time, you will also have to fulfill some legal requirements.

5. Not so ‘private’ honeymoon

If your wedding destination is also your honeymoon place, then you might have trouble finding some alone time for yourself. There is a probability that your friends and family will continue to stay at that place for a while so that they too can have a holiday. Now that is something not so romantic.

6. Generosity can be expensive

In case you decide to be generous and cover the accommodation costs of your guests, then you might just make your wedding too expensive. So, even if you have oodles of money to spend work on a budget and have a more affordable wedding.

7. Last minute decisions

Most of the weddings require some last minute changes, but this is not possible while you are getting married abroad. So, make sure that everything is organized.

8. Finding a hotel is problem

If you decide to tie the knot at the peak tourist season, then you may have problems booking a hotel for yourself and the guests. Therefore, consult an agent and get your bookings done in advance.

9. Confusions about the venue

If you have not seen the wedding venue, then you may have problems in organizing everything at last minute. So, opt for a travel agent who can provide your relevant information about your wedding venue.

10. Communication issues

Language can be a big barrier. You may have difficulties in communication at a foreign land. Also, your wedding documents can be in a language that is not your mother tongue.

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